Tuesday, November 17, 2009

McLinky Blog Hop--Favorite Book

It is McLinky Blog-Hop time again...this time it My Favorite Book!

My Favorite Book? I am not sure I can choose my favorite book. I teach school and there are LOTS of books that are favorites of mine.

I love the Bible and Redeeming Love...but I am leaving those books to others. It is not because they are not my favorites...in that order...it is just because...

I want to give my favorite book for this time of year...drum roll please....

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

This is one of those books that YOU could read in a very short time...but you could read it slowly through December to your kids. It is so funny and will make you laugh out loud, and it is touching and may make you cry or tear up, at least. It will frustrate you, it will irritate some of you and it will teach you a lesson....one that is important at this time of the year and through out the year as well. You will love the Herdmans!

As an added bonus...it has a movie! Whoo-hoo! Who does not like a movie to accompany a book? The movie is cute too and much easier for kids to understand if the book is read ahead of time!

I encourage you to read this book...even if you have in the past. It is a great reminder of Christ's love for everyone!

Blessings to you and Happy Reading!

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MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. The family in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is such a mess that they are fun. Great book choice!

  2. So, here is mine. When I was a little girl my father would sit on the couch with me in his lap and read two books to me, one was Where the Wild Things Are. Between these two books I learned how to read and how to face life. Between these pages and my dad's voice is my childhood.

    The other book that was read to me and brings back memories is The Frog and the Toad. This book also keeps my mind and memories alive.

  3. Greetings from Wisconsin,
    I'm bloghopping so this is my first visit to your blog. I've enjoyed looking around. I'm familiar with The Best Christmas Pageant but haven't actually read it. Sounds like something my family would enjoy. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  4. A nice choice for this time of year.

  5. I've never read that one.

    I couldn't just pick one book, so my are listed on my Barb's Blog.

  6. I forgot this book existed! But I am so glad for the reminder because I will definitely have to find a copy so I can read it again this holiday season. I remember really loving it. :)

  7. Seems like I remember this from elementary school! How fun. Wow, flashbacks or something :o)