Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over


We woke up to an absolutely beautiful day here. We had nothing on the agenda which is odd for us on a major holiday like this. Usually we are traveling to either my parents or Mark's. But today, Mark was on-call. That means he carried "the phone" with him all day and night and if they call him out on an issue of any kind, he has to respond within 20 minutes. So there would be no traveling to my parents house (8 hours away) or to his (2 hours away). So, we slept in, ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and pondered what restaurant we would eat at later in the day.

No, horror of horrors, I did NOT cook. Mark and I discussed it and he did not want me to have to go to all of that work for just 4 of us. I thought that was mighty sweet, and took him up on it!
We had plenty of offers to eat with other people, but I am married to a man who thinks eating Thanksgiving dinner with someone other than your OWN family is sacrilegious! So we were on our own! More on that later.

The kids decided they wanted to play WAR with dad outside. So they all got dressed and headed outside to fight various enemies (whom I will not name lest some people think we are prejudice, which we are not)...I walked outside to take pictures and this is what I am greeted with:

I decided to stay outside and shoot pictures for a while and laughed pretty hard at what I saw. My husband was the biggest kid out there and really got into the "war".
Do you see the speck of blue in the bushes...that is Will, hiding with Mark, from Caroline. Nice, boys. She is four!

You might think that she is crying because she can't find her brother or dad...but rest assured. Those tears are for her lost juice cup! LOL

She did locate her brother and dad...perhaps with a little help from the photographer!

Will and Mark then thought it would be fun to shoot the photographer. So immature! :)

Mark hiding from Will and Caroline!
Caroline posing instead of being on the ready with her weapon!

Mark decided a tree was his best bet to stay hidden...not so much though. He was untouchable, but not hidden! Caroline was mad he was so far up because she wanted to "rope" him (tie him to a tree).

I stayed focused on him as he was climbing down in case he fell...I wanted to be able to catch it all on film help him if was hurt. He got down just fine! Darn! :)

Mark spotted something way down in the woods, so off the three musketeers went to locate and identify it (it was trash). They had fun on their adventure though!

Then everyone started to get hungry. we went!

And let me tell was GOOD! Not "my momma's kinda cookin' good", but good like...I did not have to cook all day and then clean all night kinda good! AND, there were toys and game to keep the littles occupied while we waited! AND...we came home with leftovers!!!!! SCORE!

So, today my cup runs over...with love, gratitude and turkey....but NOT a sink full of dishes!

Hope you all had a spectacular Thanksgiving!
Much love,

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day without a lot of hustle and bustle! Do you guys live on land???? Looks gorgeous. My hubby would be jealous!