Monday, November 9, 2009

One Question...McLinky Blog Hop

So it is a Blog Hop and I am on my game....which basically just means I am participating this week. Yeah me! Aren't you so excited? I thought you would be. And since you are SO STINKIN' EXCITED about this, I want to share something with you that will just make you bust at the seams. YOU have to participate in this too. No, you don't have to start a blog or write a guest post on here(though that is not a bad idea)...but you have to answer my question in the comments section. Don't let me down!!! I am counting on your answers.

So here is my mind burning question:

What makes you laugh the loudest, cry the hardest, ponder the longest and be the quietest?

Be sure to answer them all....I can't wait to see what you say.

I will start:

Laugh the loudest:telling a funny story that may or not be extremely funny but someone else thinks it is funny and is laughing hard...which makes me laugh...which makes them laugh...and then I can't quit or be quiet...LOVE to laugh like that! (My son would tell you that it was in church when I laugh out loud at something said and I am the only one laughing...but no one asked for his opinion!)!

Cry the hardest: unneccesary(in my mind) death of a child or young person who has not had a chance yet to live...and more recently, the deployment of my family member.

Ponder the longest: how do I live totally, 100% sold out for Christ? I keep failing...aren't I a disappointment to God? Why keep trying? And yet, God gently brings me back into his loving arms and shows me that he has not given up on me yet...and so I trudge on...and ponder more.

Be the quietest: when my feelings are hurt or I am insecure in a situation.

Now it is your turn!!!!

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MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. Laugh the loudest: Listening to my friend Rita laugh - she has the BEST laugh, and even if I have no idea what she's laughing at, just the sound of her laugh is enough to make other people start laughing. And then everyone keeps laughing because it's funny that they are laughing so hard when they don't even know why!

    Cry the hardest: When my little brother died of cancer when he was 23 years old. Did you know if you cry hard enough when you are wearing contacts that the salt ruins them and you can't get them clean again? Ruined quite a few pairs that way. :(

    Ponder the longest: Just daydreaming and wondering what path my life is going to take. I love to ponder!

    Be the quietest: I like to be quiet. I love to read, so unless I'm reading a book that makes me laugh out loud (Janet Evanovich's Plum series!) I can be pretty quiet for quite some time.

  2. Laugh the loudest- a good comedy movie, a shared joke with hubby.

    Cry the hardest-When my mother and my father died. That was the moment when I cried so much until there is no more tears to shed.

    Ponder the longest- When I am around nature either at sea or at the mountain watching the nature unfold its glory.

    Be the quietest- In my prayer time alone with the Lord.

    My entry is up too

  3. Wow! I have jumped all over the blogs this morning and this has been the hardest to answer especially at 6am and only on coffee cup #2
    Laugh the Hardest: For sure would have to be when I'm around my friend Tammy. We just moved away about 2 months ago but only an hour away so I still pop on over and see her and her kiddo's. We are like two teenage girls when I'm around her.
    Cry the hardest: There is this blog called "i love you best" and she lived in the same town as me but we never met. Here son died and his name is Michael and he was only about 13 or so. She blogs and if you start from the beginning of her blog when her son was alive until now it is just heart breaking. I cry every time she posts and I feel as if she doesn't know our Lord! My heart breaks for her!
    Ponder the Longest:
    I can sit and watch my two boys ages 1yrs. and 4yrs. for hours and they amaze me and I wonder what they will be like when they get older and how tall will they be and what job will they hold and will they be truly happy!
    Be the quietest: Are you kidding me! When I'm sleeping! Ha! Ha! Maybe not even then!

  4. Laugh the loudest-a funny movie moment. One movie that comes to mind is Christmas Vacation, I really laughed out loud at several things in that crazy movie.

    Cry the hardest-when I become absolutely overwhelmed by a situation.

    Ponder the longest-sermons in church, what to blog about on my blog Reflections by Kathy

    Be quietest-most of the time I am quiet since I am alone a good bit of the day. I love quiet time--after working in first grade for 15 years and raising 3 children!

  5. Good morning~

    I found you today through the Blog Hop and I am enjoying my visit! :> )

    Let's see now.....hummmmm.....

    Laugh the loudest would be at something my 15 year son who has Asperger's comes out with. He has the best sense of humor about everything. One evening we were all sitting down for dinner when our youngest daughter just started ranting and raving about something, then got really quiet, then started in again. Kiddo looks over at Bean and very calmly says, "Some-one's hav-ing Moooood Swings!" ROFLOL! I couldn't stop laughing for about 20 minutes!

    Cry the hardest would have to be the day he was born. He was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and nearly died. PRAISE THE LORD he is now a very active, healthy, and HUNGRY teenager!

    Ponder the longest would definitely have to be while sitting on my front porch with God. So many things go through my mind and just the majesty of His creations are just mind boggling to me. I could sit there with Him for hours!

    Being the quietest would have to also be during my quiet time with God on the porch. Well, that is until I start singing and raising my hands! :> )

    Thank you, my friend, for posting these thought provoking questions. I have really enjoyed my time here!


  6. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Laugh the Loudest...typically very funny jokes, rather they be from someone I know or a comedian on tv. Sometimes, I laugh so hard I cry.

    Cry the hardest...i cried both times my brother was deployed and then both times he came home safely. Also, the movies Beaches and Marley and Me.

    Ponder the longest...anything political.

    Being the quietest... when I'm trying to bite my tongue to keep from saying something mean. usually when I want to defend a political position :)

  7. I think my answer to all 4 questions would have to be my kids!
    I think I win for shortest answer!