Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Happy Blogday to me. Happy Blogday to me. Happy Blogday dear Paige's Page. Happy Blogday to me!

Who would have thought that I would still be around a year later? I know, I know, one measly year...not very impressive. But it is to me. So there. My first post was not my greatest was an invite to an awesome women's conference at our church...I am thinking I may have had more people come if I had had a better invite! :)

Now, my second one, was a little better...wasn't it? :0

Thanks for sticking around this year, for joining in this year and for making me feel loved this year. Even if you are family and have to love me anyway. :) And speaking of family members...did any of you who bug me about posting realize that I have posted four days in a row?

You are welcome.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FUNNY videos from a funny guy!

Tim Hawkins A Most Hilarious Comedian!

Ok, saw this comedian while on vacation with my family. My sister, Leigh Ann and her kids, mostly Josh, LOVE this guy and now so do I! We watched these all week and have laughed and laughed.

This is so funny...and so true!

Scary Bedtime Never thought of it this way...just watch!

And let me highly recommend watching one called "My Favorite Bible Verse." Just YouTube him and sit back and be ready to laugh.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Hop Christmas Pics!

It is a Mclinky Blog Hop with Christmas pictures. If you are hungry, go get a snack...I posted LOTS of pics...enjoy and I hope your Christmas was as magical and merry as ours was.

We started our Christmas celebrations with a visit to the big guy. Will was a little shy and wouldn't tell him what he wanted for Christmas, but Caroline crawled right into his lap, gave him a huge hug and told him that she loved him! :) Love that girl!

Then, as soon as school was out, we packed the car and headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Pawleys Island, South Carolina! We LOVE their house becaue it is BIG, with lots of room to spread out and play with ALL of our cousins that we usually see while we are there (even though my little bro is the only one who lives in the area)!

Grandpa loves to take pictures and took this one of Caroline by some of Grandma's 100s of carolers that she has all over the house. Caroline is a big picture poser, so she and Grandpa got along great!

Grandma's house also has dress up...our little princess was in hog heaven!

Grandma and Grandpa's driveway is also turned into a baseball diamond, a basketball court, or in this case, a kickball field. Much fun was had with all the kids and Mark and Bobby (who could actually fit into the category of "kid" too). Front steps and cars were bases and there was no umpire/referee! Not sure who won overall....and there were tears and arguments and suspensions just like in real life...I don't think anyone was ejected, but I did have to sit one of mine in timeout! Enjoy the kickball show....

Check out Mark's high kick...I think he could make the Rockettes with that height...well, except he is male, and probably not tall enough, and would look really funny in the costumes!

Then, on the 23rd, my little brother took the boys to Medieval Times. My brother is very mature and would never act like a silly kid, or encourage my 12 year old nephew, Joey (in the Duke shirt) to call a Medieval princess "smokin' hot".

And he would never act like this, in public, or encourage my 10 year old nephew, Josh(in the Texas shirt) to do the same!

See, he always VERY serious and never any fun to be around!

Josh brought his nasty gerbils to the beach and scared me and Aunt Sarah terribly.
Dad had his BFF back for a few days of total bliss...they truly love and understand each other. Georgie never complains when dad works, she just lays at his feet and lovingly waits for him to take a break and take her outside. It is a joy to watch! :)
We got all dressed up on Christmas Eve and headed out to the Candlelight Service at Bobby and Sarah's church. It was a great service full of much laughter and a sweet message about finding Christ in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

Leigh Ann and her daughter Jenny and Caroline posing before church in front of the HOMEMADE (as in homemade dough, baked in molds and put together with homemade icing!) gingerbread houses that Leigh Ann made and the kids decorated (much to the dismay of Leigh Ann....the decorations were sketchy, in case you can't see that in the picture)!
A little drink from Will before we left for church, or maybe after we got home...I have no idea!

THIS sweet little girl got us all in trouble at the Candlelight Service with this precious face. It came out of nowhere and took us all by surprise. And sadly, I admit, it was me who couldn't get back under control for a long time! Please tell me you understand why....

Then we got home, put on our pjs and went to sleep so Santa could come and do his work!!!!!!

Which we excitedly came running down VERY early the next morning to see if, in fact, he had come! And he had...big time...7 grandkids were all visited by Santa at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Chaos is a mild way to describe their living room in the early morning hours of December 25th!

Will got a TV for his room (to hook up his Wii) and Caroline got American Girl bitty twins (insert squeal here)!

(and yes, Jenny, got the same thing...Santa was smart doing the same thing for both girls so there would be NO fighting!)

We are still a house divided...Mark loves South Carolina and I love North Carolina. My brother loves SC (and now so does his son, Trey) and I have trained Will well! :)

Bobby is also a Bengals fan...Will obviously is not! :)

Elizabeth got a princess tent from Santa and Jenny, Caroline and Elizabeth had a blast playing in it!
Joey got an electric scooter...which, according to him, took Santa two years to bring him. Love how Joey keeps it real!

Will super excited about something that Josh got...a weapon of some sort, I think!

Still my favorite picture of Christmas morning. That is a Duke Blue Devils (yes, we are a totally conflicted college sports family) hat on Josh's head and he is holding the weapon from the above picture!

On the 26th, my other sister, Leslie came with her husband and 3 kids...though I only have pictures of two of her kids for some reason!!!! (Maybe because Elijah was busy playing video games upstairs and I never made it up there to snap pics!) I got all the girls matching dresses for Christmas (baby Elizabeth got one too but I did not get a picture of her in it.. :( ). I got one to match one of their twins too...

Craft time is always a must with the girls (and Uncle Hubert).
Caroline and Hubert bonded over the fact that they are both left handed.

Micah is Leslie's youngest and absolutely precious....I could listen to him talk all day (I think)! :)
Mom got a computer for Christmas....yeehaw! This is Leslie trying to show her how to use her email! Come on, mom, you can do it!

And that is our Christmas week in pictures. I missed a lot that happened, but you get the point (are your eyeballs bleeding yet?). We left Sunday to head back home and my kids have asked me ever since we got home, "When can we go back?" I kinda feel the same way!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

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MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am NOT still lying in my pajamas right now trying to gather the strength, wherewithal, and desire to get up and go exercise so I do NOT have to say that exercising is a new year's resolution but just a way of life.

I did not hear Caroline say to Will, "Will, buddy, you love me don't you?" and then I most certainly did not hear Will say, "Yes, I love you but you still can't marry me."

I did not eat so many Christmas cookies that I actually feel nauseous just thinking about it. I would never do that because I am a pure, die-hard health nut!

My daughter did not ask to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's house as we pulled into the driveway of our house after a 7.5 hour drive home. Will did not tell her she was crazy. Caroline did not ask repeatedly for us to tell her when we were going back. When I told her we would go back eventually, she did not say, "NO! I need a date, mom...tell me WHEN!"

My son did not have to talk to us finally after 7 days of basically not seeing him at all as he played with all of his cousins. He did not have to learn our names again and ask us how we were related to him. He most certainly did remember us as his loving, caring family.

I did not get to see one of my sisters for only six hours. Christmas plans would never be so mismatched that one of us was coming while another was packing to leave. We are certainly better planners than that!!!!

So, what have you NOT been doing?

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