Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chances Are...

"Chances Are" was one of my favs so I am bringing it back. Not the same one I did months ago, but the concept of chances are...

So here it goes...


...if I make a great game plan.....then nothing will come together correctly.

...if I "wing it"......then a game plan will have been necessary.

...if I go to school for the first time all year unprepared and without lesson plans.....then the field trip will be canceled and I will be observed.

...if I get up at midnight to go shopping on Black Friday.....then I won't get half of what I need done!

...if I make a hair appointment months ago and put it on my husband's calendar.....then he will have deleted it, be gone out of town and I will have to take my kids with me.

...if a friend makes plans to take me with her to a concert one night and I have THAT also on my husband's calendar....then his meeting that is ALWAYS on Friday mornings will be moved to the Wednesday of my concert at 4:30pm!!!!!!!

...if I try really hard to trust that God is in control....then circumstances happen to test how deep that faith and trust runs.

...if you feed my youngest child nuts....she WILL break out in a red, itchy rash and you could possibly kill her!!!!!!!!!

...if I have had a bad day....then my "chances are" will not be so funny.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is better than today..........but chances are....

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  1. what is the concept of chances are?...and I am sorry you had a bad day. and that you didn't get your shopping done...and that you had to take your kids to get your hair done...and you missed your concert...and that you were observed on an unprepared day (you are good at winging it....)...and you are still funny. :) I love you :)

  2. Is your daughter okay? Hope you've had better days since this post!