Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chances Are...

...if I plan to cook something grand for a Christmas party.....then I will run out of time.

...if I think I have it all lined up for a babysitter....then I will realize that I was wrong.

...if I take my family to The Nutcracker....then I will catch my very cultured husband dosing off BEFORE intermission!

...if I take my family to The Nutcracker....then I will hear my 4 year old daughter yell out, "MOM!!!! HE IS WEARING BOY TIGHTS!" in the middle of solo dance by one of only 3 guys in the ballet!

...if I clean the house one afternoon.....then by that night no one will be able to tell.

...if I think I can get some shopping done one night....then my husband will tell me he is going out of town that night.

...if I try to be patient with my children....then I will be tested over and over and over again.

...if I get up early....then I will still be late for school.

...if I forget to turn my phone to vibrate at school....then it will go off during an assembly.

...if I turn my phone to vibrate....then NO ONE will call me for days.

...if Christmas is only 10 days away....then I will NOT be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...if Will is in trouble for being ugly....then miraculously Caroline will have been angel.

...if you are still reading this....then you are my sister named Leslie!

Hope you all have a great week and I promise more and better posts just as soon as I can get to the end of this week and start my vacation!!!

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  1. I am {said person}!! And I did read it! Thank you for finally posting something. :) Love you -

  2. Again, me. We are some what of twins! Today I picked to do all my baking since hubby was taking the day off. So, I waited and left it all until today. Guess what? Hubby had to work, so I still had to do all the baking with a 20 pound teething, cranky baby on my hip all day :o)