Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Few Great Lessons

We traveled yesterday for a LONG time. Tis the season, right? We went over the river(s) and through the woods to Grandma and Grandpa's house. And it felt like it took FOREVER.

See, I have this theory (that my sweet, adoring husband does not agree with--but how could he sine he has never traveled long distances with our two children by himself?) that my children are MUCH better behaved on long trips when only one adult is in the car. They realize quickly that I can do very little for them if they drop their favorite toy; I can't dig in their bag to find the roller skate for her favorite Barbie; and I can't figure out how to play their PSP game. I am driving, so they basically have to fend for themselves for anything outside the realm of where my arm can reach. And you know what? They do!

But not yesterday. Since there were two very fine looking adults in the front seats of the car, their needs were astronomical!!!!! I admit I lost my patience more than once with them and was "snappy" (that from my husband who is trying this holiday season to "not sweat the small stuff"--errrr that aggravates me!) I have never been so glad to get out of the car!!!!!!!!

However, while in the car, I learned a few lessons from kids.

1. I always thought that I knew the words to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but I apparently do not. According to Caroline, it is "Rudolph the Nose-Red Reindeer".

2. If you stop for breakfast because your four year old is "starving" than be sure that said four year old will not eat. However, once back in the car, she will be "starving" again.

3. Pom-poms CAN be used as weapons. And you have to say things you never thought you would have to say, like, "Son, put your pom-pom down."

4. You will have to stop at THE grossest bathroom ever in the world!

5. My seven year old, while watching Frosty, said, "Hey--did you guys know that Frosty smokes?"

Happy traveling to all of you....may you ride in peace and quiet for longer than five minutes!!!

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