Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

This blog was started by MckMama and it is the BEST kind of therapy for those of us who would never be able to find the time to actually go to therapy over this. If you struggle over the things you said or did this week that you would never tell anyone...this is the place for you!!!!!

I did not go to the Josh Turner concert without even knowing who he is was so I could hang out with one of my besties Julie for an early birthday present. It was not held in a total smoked-filled dive and I did not have to stand almost on the stage in order to be able to see. I did not get my picture taken with the guitar player.

I did not get home from that concert and hear my sweet son tell me I stunk! Smoke will do that to you!

I did not get to school on Friday (my actual birthday) and have a party waiting on me in my classroom thanks to some sweet moms and all my kids! There were not flowers, cake and presents! I did not feel so loved! One child did NOT say, " I have never had cake at 7:30 in the morning." :)

I did not get to go to dinner with just my hubby that night thanks to Haley who took my kids to the ball game. I did not get my hubby to go to Starbucks and we did not have a blast!!!!

I did not receive this picture of my dear friends Julie and Donna over Thanksgiving. Julie has not been complaining that I needed a better picture of her. So I did not post this to see if she really does read this blog (because she never comments!)! And yes, those are footie pajamas in adult sizes!

Happy Not Me-ing!

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  1. Cute not me post. Love the picture of your friends in pajamas. Brave souls, to be sure. Happy belated Birthday.

  2. Smoke filled concerts are the worst. Fun party at school. And those pj's are kind of cool :o)