Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas the Night of Christmas

Twas the night of Christmas and all through the house

Were the sounds of kids laughing and parents veggin' on the couch!

The day was a madhouse, full of squeals and smiles.

The wrapping paper and bows seemed to go on for miles(actually that is a lie because grandpa cleaned them up as they tore them off each gift)!

There had been gifts of dolls that looked just alike.

The only thing missing was our brave soldier Mike! (though he called and we all got to say Merry Christmas to him...this is my sis talking to him...we were actually missing my other sis and her family but hopefully they will be here tomorrow!)...

We had our "typical" breakfast of egg casserole and sweet rolls...

Sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and made stuffing ourselves our goal! (we met that one, too!)

There were no tears (well almost) and everyone had fun this morn.

Even the babe who was most recently born.
So as we pack up our stockings and find places for all the new things,
I pray we don't lose sight of of the peace HIS birth brings.
May the Spirit of Christmas not end this night...
But may it be found all year shining as bright.

Blessings to you and yours in 2010.
Stay on track and keep your eyes on Him!

By the way...Doesn't this picture just scream, "Happy Birthday, Jesus"?

Merry Christmas!


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