Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Completely Random Post

Ok...this is going to be incredibly random and will serve you no purpose. I hate to say that at the beginning because you may just leave now...but I felt I should be honest with you from the get go! And just to add insult to injury...all the pictures were taken with my cell phone.

First...Caroline was distraught that the toilet paper had run out. She took it off the roll and brought me the empty tube and asked me to help. Well, usually, I would have gone right to her side and helped her replace the empty roll with a full one. But you see, I was working out...doing the Wave... (check this post out if you don't remember) and to stop that workout would mean I would never go back to I told her I would be there when I was finished. She nodded her head and mumbled something under her breath and walked away.

When I was finished, had caught my breath and had pulled myself up the stairs from the basement, this is what I found:

THAT picture CRACKED me up! onto more randomness. Each day this week when I go to pick up Caroline, she is sportin' a new do and has pink eye shadow on which tends to resemble someone who is sick and in desperate need of medical attention. All of this is thanks to the sweet daughter of the sweet lady who watches Caroline everyday.

I guess the 80s really are coming least according to the 8 year old doing my 4 year old's hair this week.

Oh my goodness...I cannot take side ponytails and large scrunchies. It goes against my very nature!

I took the kids with me to the grocery store the other day because I felt like torturing myself for an hour, that seemed like it really lasted more like 4...days. Anyway, my kids were running the aisles and trying to tackle each other and quite frankly, I got tired of telling them to quit, or making them put their hands on the buggy or telling them NO to whatever unhealthy food they were begging I just let them do whatever they were doing. Part of me thought I should probably do something (it was a small maybe my pinky toe) and then the rest of me got extremely agitated that my grocery store just remodeled and yet did not feel the need to put in a daycare center. I am actually still bitter today over that. But that is not the point today (not that I know what the point is of today, but I do know that THAT was not it). Anyway, my kids ran off somewhere between frozen veggies, ice cream and snack foods. I rounded the corner and this is what I saw:

I think he was about to throw that at me until he caught site of my teacher face. Then he turned around slowly and pegged his 80s Footloose and fancy free sister with it while she was busy cheering for him...cuz you know, she can't be a princess now!

When we got home and unloaded the car, my kids said, "Mom, we will help you put all of the food away that goes in the pantry, ok?" OK! Deal....I handed them bags of food that went in the pantry and took my time putting away the refrigerated/frozen food. I finished up my task and took a deep, cleansing breath. I finished that in record time. I walked around to the pantry and this what I saw:

You know, I think their daddy has been teaching them how to put up the groceries effectively.

And since this is a random post, let me end with a joke Will told me today. He said, "This guy went running into the doctor's office crying and saying, 'Doctor, doctor, you have to help me. I need a new booty and I need one right now!!' The doctor looked at him and asked, 'Why do you need a new booty?' The guy looked at the doctor and said, 'Because, doc, this one has a crack in it!'"

Happy Thursday!

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  1. hahahaha man this was a funny blog. I love Will's joke! I will be sure to tell Trey that one this afternoon!
    Love ya'll!

  2. too funny! Micah is sitting with me and said, "who left that mess? they did not clean up!" I have perfect about you?! :)
    (I'd tell my kids the joke but it may never end....)

  3. LOL, this had me cracking up.

    First, the toilet paper - what a little problem solver! Hehee!

    I can stand side ponytails to a degree, but I will agree with you on the huge scrunchy thing!

    Great post :)

  4. ha ha! ohhh that was precious about the toilet paper! thanks for the giggles!

  5. Random posts are the best! Love the TP. Love that you wanted to torture yourself for an hour so you took your kids shopping! And the 80's are so coming back. Even my 4 year old daughter dresses like I did when I was little :o)

    Loved the joke!

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