Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't Laugh At Us!

Ok...I live in the south...and we don't get snow much. So we get all antsy when they call for snow. Typically, as soon as they call for snow, it skips right over us and we miss it all. Which is probably good because everyone knows that Southerners cannot drive in the matter how many years they may have lived in a state where it snowed regularly.

Anyway...they are calling for snow tomorrow. It is supposed to start around 12 noon. The following is an actual tweet from our school system:

WCSchools: To be clear, report to school as usual tomorrow but plan for elementary dismissal at 11am followed by middle and high schools at noon.
3 minutes ago from Twitterrific

Yes, we are ALREADY getting out early and the FIRST FLAKE HAS YET TO FALL! What makes me laugh is that they have had to clarify twice already since the message was sent out at 4pm this afternoon.

It's can laugh with us...or at us. But I am getting off work tomorrow at 11am...and snow? Well, that's just a bonus!


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  1. I hope ya'll get snow for the kids sake! I am from TX and use to have the time of my life when we would actually get snow, let alone stick. Those days were few and far between.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, so nice to meet you! Your family is just gorgeous!

  2. I remember the days when I lived in California and snow was a treat and everyone stopped what they were doing and played in it.

    Now that I live in Northern Wisconsin and the snow stays for months the novelty has pretty much worn off.

    Hope your family enjoys your snow day.