Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eat Up with It!

You know that commericial that comes on right before school starts back in August from Office Depot where the kids are pushing the shopping cart and the dad is dancing and singing in the aisles, "It's the most wonderful time of the year"? Well, I hate the timing of that commercial, because I am the teacher. But that is another story.

I could sing that song now though. I love this time of the year. More specifically, I love college basketball season. I am eat up with it, you might say. And I have passed on that love/obession to the wonderful child I call my firstborn, Will. He is all about college hoops...and now that some of his favorites have graduated on to the NBA, he is all about that too. He can't give you stats, like my nephew E can (I am not sure ANYONE can give stats like E...not even his ESPN basketball announcing dad!), but nonetheless, Will loves the game of basketball.

Do you know the history of basketball? When and why it started? Who played in the first college game? Who won the first national championship? Yeah, me neither. Maybe I will check with E next time I see him!

All I know is I should have had my children sometime from December to April, because that would have made my maternity leave so much sweeter! But alas, I did not and that is not even the point.

Will is loving basketball season this year. He is playing on a team at the local recreation center and is the ball handler (making his momma proud). His team is the Nets (which may or may not make his Uncle H proud). They are not very good. Most kids on his team have never played before. And by never, I mean never. Not in the backyard. Not in the gym at school. Not at a friend's house. Not even on a video game. So our expectations for a winning season were low when the games began. We did win the first game. was a nail biter. We lost the second though 26-7.

After the first game, we were approached by the All-Star coach who asked us if we wanted to play on the All-Star team. Really? Seriously? The season just started... and we are already All-Starring it? But I talked with Mark and Will and then we gave a very enthusiastic yes! Then the ball (hahahaha) started rolling.

This is our ball schedule from Saturday (yesterday) through next Sunday:
Sat. 10 am Game with the Nets
Sat. 6:30 pm Practice for All-Stars
Sun. 2pm Try-outs for the traveling team he played on last year
Mon. 6pm Scrimmage with All-Stars
Tues. 7pm Game with the Nets
Fri. 4pm Scrimmage with All-Stars
Sat. 12pm Game with Nets
Sat. 6:30pm Practice for All-Stars
Sun. 2pm First of 2 games with All-Stars

Whew! Are you tired just reading it because I am? I know, you could say I brought it on myself and you are up with it, remember?

Today, as Will was leaving for try-outs I started to rattle off a list of things he needed to do:
Me: Play hard today, don't give up, keep your head in the game.
Mark: Intensity, buddy, play big on defense. Defense is the key.
Me: Hustle and pay attention. Be confident!
Mark: Be tough.

Will's little head was bobbing back and forth between us and then he put is hand up and said, "Hey, I got one! How about, 'Make the team!'" I laughed out loud.

So here's to you little boy...hope you make the team. Either way, you make this momma very proud!

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