Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It is NOT my day....

Ok...I love vacations. And mine is coming to an end. My husband would say that it is about time...I haven't been to work since December 18th. Ahhhhh, the joy of teaching. But tomorrow is my day...I must return. And I am NOT looking forward to it. Oh sure...it could be worse. But right now, in my mind, this is worse. I got up this morning at 8am in hopes that it will help me be able to drag my butt out of bed tomorrow morning at 0530am. I don't think it is gonna help.

So last night, my son asked for pancakes for breakfast. I told him I thought I had some "just add water to the batter" mix that I could whip up for him in the morning. Well, true to my word, I got out the mix this morning and just to add a twist to it, I thought I would cook some bacon too.

Now, I don't cook bacon on the stove in a frying pan. That is not my MO. I have ALWAYS cooked it in the microwave. Before microwaves, I believe I was too young to cook it on the stove, so I know no other way. Now, I know, bacon cooked in its own grease is much better than in the microwave, but I am used to it in the microwave. I married my husband and quickly taught him to appreciate microwaved bacon (you know, kinda like...if you want bacon you will eat it from the microwave, if you don't want microwaved bacon than I am basically hearing that you don't want bacon at all...).

Well, my microwave quit working after only 1 minute of cooking the bacon. THAT is not good. For those of you who know nothing about cooking bacon in the microwave, one minute is not enough! So, I began to dig into the recesses of my mind for how you cook bacon when there is no microwave. I finally came up with it...I have to cook it in a frying pan. I mustered up all the strength I had and went for it. Other than the popping grease burns, I think I did just fine. Will even asked for more. I told him after my burns heal, I will be glad to try again. However, the pancake batter didn't make edible pancakes. I have NO idea how that happened...all I had to do was add water. So, Will settled for eggs. I am grateful that he is so adaptable.

I have no idea how I will fix dinner tonight though. I am microwave-dependent. Is there a 12-step program for that? I have already called my husband and told him to be home when dinner is served tonight or he will have to eat a cold dinner. He reminded me we could heat things up in the oven...but who wants to wait that long for dinner? Not me. I told him that was entirely up to him, but I did not recommend it!

Now, do you know this girl below?

To be honest, I don't know her personally, though I feel as I do. She is Allie Del Rio, and she is a kick-butt, hard core, have no mercy fitness instructor! And she works for The Firm. Allie has been a Firm Master Instructor since 1992, her birthday is June 23rd and she is a hair salon owner. Her hair always looks great in her workout videos, by the way. Somehow that does not seem fair. Anyway, she killed me this morning with her WAVE workout. Have you heard of it? I thought it would not be so hard, since I have had 4 other Firm workout programs in the past...but OH.MY.GOODNESS. I actually followed the advice of starting as a beginner and I almost could not make it through the whole workout...and it was a modified workout!!! If you are looking for something that makes you FEEL like you worked out for an hour but you only did for 30 minutes...this is the program for you! Just make sure you don't have to walk anywhere in the near future.

And don't say you weren't warned.

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  1. put the bacon in the oven on a stoneware cookie sheet for 20 minutes at 400. Yummy and crispy.
    Love you

  2. thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment! i will have to try this new workout- i am trying to get the pre-baby bod back and pilates is not cutting it!! from one paige to another-

  3. Funny about the bacon. I grew up using the stove, got hooked on the microwave (though never did bacon in it) and the micro quit about 4 months ago and I didn't get another one due to counter space and my OCD tendencies and I've actually done pretty good. Proud of myself.
    Hope those burns heal soon.
    I'm totally wanting Allie's abs. Seriously!

  4. I have never cooked bacon in the microwave and might be a little nervous too!!!