Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life--Fashion Tips

It is Show Us Your Life time again and I am excited! This is Fashion Tip Friday!

I do not claim to be a fashion guru by any stretch of any one's imagination. I do try to pay attention to what is going on around me in the world of fashion (not like runway fashion, that is a bit over the top, more like the current trends or mvps of looking good.) In my family, being the fashion queen does not really require oldest sister actually showed up at the beach this summer in acid washed, zipper pocketed shorts (and yes, I took a picture, but I want her to still like me, so I am not posting it...but I do have it for my application for What Not to Wear), my other sister never wears make-up (and no, your "Glow" doesn't count!), has mainly sweat pants in her closet and thinks accessorizing is of the devil, and my brother...well, he is a boy!

So, needless to say, they think I am over the top when I put on pants from this century, with a flowy top and add necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a purse to compliment it all. Silly...not necessary...takes too much time...I have heard it all. And I don't care! Here are my fashion tips...

Pay attention to what you are seeing around you. If everyone is wearing crop pants...then by all means...go for it. But if YOU are the only one wearing them...or at least the tapered legged ones, then maybe you should check out what Daisy Fuentes is offering at Kohl's or what kind of pants the Gap is currently carrying.

Buy some cute statement shoes. You don't have to wear heels to make a statement with your feet. You can stay flat, comfy and practical but all of that does not mean bland! Check out these
or these or even these.

Find good fitting pants and buy your basics...I don't recommend really busy pants 1.Is that really somewhere you want a pattern going on? 2. Is that where you want to attract all of your attention? If it is...then give a shout out to yourself. You go girl. If not, stay solid. Add your funky, fun, bright colors to your tops, jackets, purses, shoes and jewelry.

Be creative with your tops. Solid colors are not the only thing out there. Spice it up. Like this.
Or this. Or even this.

BUT DON'T STOP THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute tops are just the beginning! You MUST
accessorize! Purses like this, with a necklace like this, paired with this shirt and these pants, shoes, and more jewelry like this and you are stylin'!!!!

Now, if all that clicking above is too much for you, or actually going to a store and finding all of this on your own is overwhelming, there are places that put outfits together for you.
The Loft

Banana Republic

New York & Company

And there are many more, that would not let me copy their pictures... :). Don't settle. Show off your best assets. And...accessorize!!!!!!

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  1. I love to accessorize! Nice post. I was laughing at the part about your siblings.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2. I'm offended! I have way more than sweats in my closet...I just don't wear them unless absolutely necessary! And don't I get points for at least having name brand sweats?! In all seriousness, I loved your outfits. Move here and I'll hire you as my stylist! :) xoxo

  3. um, I forgot to add...when did the "roll the pant leg" thing come back?! H is so back in style!! Remember 1992?

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