Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, today is Thursday. I have nothing major to say. I have been trying to clean my house daily as opposed to saving it all for one day. Two reasons: One: cleaning all day on one of my days off just makes me mad...see this post for a reminder. And Two: I thought it might not be as overwhelming. (and just to make you laugh....when I went looking back for that post above that you probably did not even click on, I got all distracted and when I came back here with link for you all, I had NO idea what my number two was supposed to be...)

Ok...I think it is still overwhelming and I am just in my first week of it and already behind! LOL Tonight was the kitchen...I hate mopping. Just wanted to share that with you. This is all part of my trying to be more consistent phase...I am trying...really I am. But I can't decide if it is better to be mad one day and be done or really try to clean like this weekly????

I still don't have a microwave...fried bacon again on the stove. I even have the grease burns on my hands to prove it. I sent my husband to find a microwave and my kids wanted to go with him. I gave my blessings...(well, duh). They all came home calling each other Larry. Everyone's name was Larry. There was no reason they could give for this, nothing specific triggered it but everyone was Larry. It got really confusing until I decided that I was the one in charge and we would all be returning to the names shown on our birth certificate.

However, "Larry" told me when he got home that there were four cop cars down the road at a house...lights flashing...cops walking everywhere....he shrugged his shoulders and went about his merry way. I have no words...but I have double-bolted everything and have a call in to my friend with a police scanner...if you don't hear from me again...just know...this has been fun. I have loved blogging!


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  1. Hey Larry - what happened down the street? You aren't answering your phone...are you okay?

  2. oh...did not know you had called...sorry. I don't know a neighbor working on it. The friend with the scanner said the police were on radio silence when he started listening, which means that they may have to draw their weapons and shoot (ahhhh!).
    That is all I know now!