Thursday, January 14, 2010


We were coming home from work/school/Haley's house (the best babysitter in the world) Wednesday and we were at a stoplight. We were almost more shopping center to pass before we turn to head to our neighborhood. I am about four cars back in line. I look out my window and there is a grown man, dressed like The Statue of Liberty waving to me on the sidewalk. I don't understand how that specific tax place thinks that dressing men up as a national monument is going to bring people into their place of business and hand over all of their information concerning their money. It is a bit creepy to me...

Anyway, this grown man turns and walks back toward the corner of the street. My very astute, always vigilant four year old says, "Mom, he wasted his ways."

I thought she meant he wasted his "waves" (you know, because we didn't turn and head straight into that tax office).

I asked her what she meant.

She said, "You know, he walked all the WAY this way, and now he is walking that WAY again. He wasted his ways, mom."

Oh. Right. His ways.

It made me think. How do I, in any given day, waste my ways? You know, how do I waste my time? talent? money? opportunities?

How are your ways? Wasted or not?

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  1. i try not to waste moments w/my family. i remind myself these days will come and go i live in the moment w/them!
    and yeppers that's the song! woohoo
    that's my ring tone for my hubby! :o)