Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, it snowed...

We got out of school yesterday at 11am and it started snowing during car rider line...I know that because I had car rider duty yesterday. It was cold. And I was ready to go home once all kids were put into their cars.

Since the snow was the size of pieces of dandruff, we decided to meet Mark for lunch, head to the post office and then go home. By the time we got home, the dandruff had quit falling. I made Will do his homework, Caroline take a nap and then I laid down because my head was throbbing.

When Caroline and I woke up and looked outside, more of the ground was covered. I could not imagine having to go out in the cold with my head hurting like it was, so I called daddy home to take the kids out. He was already heading in our direction! Yeah daddy!

I did help the kids get dressed in warmer, somewhat waterproof clothes (because we did not purchase snow suits this year seeing as how we live in the south and snow days really mean ice days and let's face is really no fun to throw ice balls at each other nor is it fun to build icemen). And off they went. Caroline was dying to know if they would be able to "sleigh". I really thought we had sleds like this:

But alas, we do not...we have one like this:

And so Mark tried it out on our driveway....somehow the 1/2 inch of snow did not stop him from trying to "sleigh"...which makes me laugh...but that is a whole 'nother story. I did take a picture of the tracks it left in the snow.

So, the "sleighers" decided to try something different...cardboard. But, much to their dismay, still there was not enough snow.

Caroline begged to build a snowman.

They tried, but the snow was light and fluffy and not wet and sticky, so there would be no snowman, no snowball fights....what is a southerner supposed to do if they can't make a pinestraw/grass/snowman?

Bust out the scooters and go for it!

But they eventually got tired and cold and decided to come in. I guess they all thought THIS was the coat rack...

Apparently their daddy taught them that lesson....

After spending time outside trying to play in the snow, we all hunkered down to watch the BCS National Championship Game. We were pulling for Alabama, but felt really bad about Colt McCoy. However, we were proud to shout, "ROOOOLLLLLLL TTTIIIIIIDDDDDEEEE!" all night long. Only one of us made it til the end of the game...can you guess who?

Wasn't Will!

Or Caroline or daddy!

See, they are sleeping while Texas scores their first touchdown in the second half.

Must have been my nap that had me up so late...that or the fact that my head was killing me still.

Needless to say, these are my three new best friends...we have been bonding all day today!

I am so glad we have a snow/ice day...cuz it is only 19 degrees outside and I feel terrible!

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  1. Cute post. That's so funny that your family fell asleep watching TV. Hope you feel better.

  2. Love that you are using the netipot and wellness formula! If we can get you to drop the ibuprofen and drink more water, my life will be complete. :) love you.