Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cake Pops/Cake Balls

Well, I am about to shock you all!

Anyone want to cook?

No, I am not a cook. Not even an amateur. Not even a wannabe! But every now and then, I get a wild hair. Yes, I did just say a wild hair. And I can't get it out of my mind until I actually do whatever that wild hair is. As of late, it has been what I refer to as Cake Balls. MckMama, however, who introduced me to them, calls them Snow Pops.

Sounds better, doesn't it?

And the friend she gets them from calls them Cake Pops.

But Cake Balls, that is my name for them. Both links above give you the directions for making these delectible treats and I do recommend you taking time to see how it is supposed to be done. I am going to, however, show you how I did it...and probably make you laugh in the process (but not on purpose).

I had seen many pictures of "cake balls" and finally decided to make some for my sweet class for Valentine's Day (yeah, and no one actually TELL them that please, because they will not be actually getting any at the party). Anyway, I started the process earlier in the week and truly failed miserably.

I should interrupt myself here and say a couple of things. First, I am a visual learner. I can learn nothing by JUST listening (how I passed college is still a mystery to me). MckMama did a very good job showing me pictures...but I need to watch it being done...not just see pictures. I like to do things new, exciting and fun for other people. I thought this could be it...I was going to practice all during my break next week and make them for a shower we are giving at school for a great mom to be! Yeah, THAT is not happening! I just want to be crafty...but I am not. I almost failed Home Ec in high school...that alone should keep me from even entering the kitchen, but it does not!

I began to gather my ingredients and supplies. One of thing I needed were lollipop sticks. Well, Kroger did not sell those, so I bought shish-kabob sticks and thought, "Surely they'll work." Surely they don't. They are not strong enough, they are too long and that point on the end wreaked havoc on my (cake) balls. Then I needed candy melts, because they work better according to the pros on this. Well, Little Miss Nut Allergy can't have candy melts so I had to go with white chocolate bark. (do you see a pattern could say I didn't follow directions so it is my own fault...but I call it improvising and THAT is the stuff life is made of)...

I made the cake following the directions on the box, let it cool, and crumbled it up. Mixed in the cream cheese frosting and rolled them into balls (hence my name...balls of cake=Cake Balls). I placed them in the frig and let them "set"!

...not that I need to actually say this out loud, but I am so not a gourmet chef (but I do have one following me on Twitter...can that be like, "I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night"?)-- so I also don't have all the stuff that goes with the title gourmet chef. Heck, I don't even have all the stuff that goes with the title chef! So, I decided to "improvise" again. I had no double boiler (and I have no microwave currently), so I made my own little redneck version of one, patted myself on the back and began melting my bark.

Now, I realized I would need to improvise again with my "drying rack". I had no large piece of styrofoam like you put at the bottom of fake flower arrangements (and even though I have fake flowers in my house, I somehow had no styrofoam to grab quickly...hmmmm...wonder where all that stuff went...). So I broke up some styrofoam cups and thought I could make it work. I melted my bark, and began to dip my cake balls.

Those don't look so bad, do they? Trouble was kabob sticks were utterly detrimental to my cause and my dipping technique needs some SERIOUS work. Only I don't know what to do to help myself! :) So I persevered! Sort of.

Please take note of the ones in the back...see all that extra chocolate around it. My sticks did me in and so I ended up dropping the cake balls in the pot with the melted bark and letting them pool on the parchment paper. I had to fill in holes from the kabob sticks and redip some for more "glitter' as Caroline called it! And I finally finished it all...
Then I had to clean it all up! Look at my sprinkles containers...just mulitply that by ten and that is what the rest of my kitchen looked like!

I was ready to pack them up to take them to school so all my friends could giggle along with me...since this is what they are supposed to look like:

Doesn't this one look like "Wilson" from Castaway with Tom Hanks?

Or is he just grimmacing at me? Or maybe laughing at me...
Don't answer that. I tried...and remember, as a Home Ec dropout, this really is pretty good!

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  1. Good for you for trying something new. These are so good. I made some at Christmas and used strawberry cake and white almond bark. We improvise a double boiler too. My coating got real gloppy after 15 balls. The last ones were pretty knobby, but they tasted great. I didn't bother with the sticks, so mine were Cake Balls, not Cake Pops. This is fun to let kids help with.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. I love that there is still a container with a Christmas tree on your counter and a box of Advil that made it into almost every picture! is that on purpose?! We are so making these next week!

  3. Happy early Valentines Day! There's a surprise for you over at my blog :)

  4. Gah! Aren't these so hard to make!? I also have trouble with the sticks and the styrofoam! I think the styrofoam is a must have though!

    Great job on these though! I bet they taste delicious!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. So laughing at the wilson comment! I love wilson!!!
    Anyway, those look just fine! I've never tried those, but I have made the Oreo Balls at least 147 times and they get better each time I make them. Then I started using different kinds of cookies - and mmm, mmm, mmm! They are good! I use to use toothpicks but I bought those dipping forks and they are much easier to do. Especially if you are giving them to people, it's not hard to package them like it is with sticks!
    I'm proud of you girl! Anyone who can get a cake ball to resemble Wilson is a gourmet chef in my book!