Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Feeling Gone!

I HEART the University of North Carolina Tarheels. I loved everything about my college days. I wasn't a wild child, so it was not a matter of sewing my wild oats, like, ahem, maybe someone else I was just awesome. I had classes to attend and most days I did attend them. But other than that, there were no real responsibilities. And I thrive in those kind of settings! :) UNC has a beautiful campus, lots of fun majors you can pick and some seriously talented athletes. And I HEART sports! Mainly college basketball. And I picked a great school to attend in regards to my fav sport.

Well, last night was the night of "THE BIGGEST RIVALRY IN COLLEGE SPORTS." And it is. As much as I HEART North Carolina....I do NOT heart Duke. We played last night though. Here.

This is OUR house (well, actually it is Dean's has his name on the building), but I take such pride in it, I feel as though I must defend it too....from my couch, mind you!). Anyway...we haven't been playing great up to this point...I was concerned. Duke is number 7. We are no longer ranked. But my sister said she had a good feeling about the game so I stayed up through the whole thing even though my eyes are bleeding this morning I am so tired as I try to muster the strength to get ready for work. And we played amazing in the first half (and it helped Duke only shot 25% from the field)...we were down one.

Then halftime.

Halftime did us in. We didn't come back playing like we had. I could get all stastic-y on you but I would hate to bore you more than I have...we lost. I was mad. Couldn't go right to sleep. I wanted to win. We needed to win. I do know it is only a game. And I am ok now (except for the sleep deprivation).

I still HEART North Carolina basketball....I just don't want to have to go wake up this little boy and tell him what happened...

(He is not violent...this was his FIRST UNC game last year!)

Anyway, for now, that good feeling is gone...I am tired...and, now, I am late for work

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  1. I KNOW!


    At least we have a chance at redemption sometime soon, right?

    And yes, we do have the best campus in all the world :) (And your son is adorable - I'm pro children loving on the Tar Heels!)

  2. is true I got my wild oats on, but I did go to class fairly regularly...just not Econ10. :) It was a great game and I woke with a stye in my eye. Lovely, just lovely.