Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Thoughts I am getting slightly worried. Most of the bloggers that I love and check in on every so often are talented folk.

They sew. Me? Yeah...not so much. I can barely put a button back on a shirt, and usually only if I have sticks for my hot glue gun.

They photograph beautiful pictures. Me? I take ok pictures...but I don't have the real Adobe Photoshop (I just have the Elements) and I can't even figure all that out, so I can't even TRY to make mine half as good as theirs.

They make jewelry. Me? I wear jewelry...I guess that is a slight connection. Like that whole six degrees of separation...

I don't do anything like they do. I do like to talk on the phone (though, now, I find myself talking less on the phone during the one time in the day when I could actually carry on a conversation...on my way home from work...because my sister keeps reminding me of how dangerous it is to talk on the phone while driving---which makes me is it any different than carrying on a conversation with someone sitting next to you in the car?) Is it even legal to put that many words in paranthesis?

I lose it there. My talents escape me. I know sports. But that just makes conversations easier to have with some people. I am opinionated. But that just makes people who converse with me mad sometimes. I am competitive. But that just makes me eat a lot of words with those sports people I talk to and it keeps me up late at night watching ballgames and it makes me send the boys in my family into a tailspin to see who could tell me the name of the long-haired former basketball player for Gonzaga (it took a while...and it is Adam Morrison). Anyway...

The common thread there seems to be you think I could get a talk show? Maybe take over for Oprah when she leaves? Ok...maybe not.

So, since rich and famous are not in my future, I will accept my award from Kari and share, even though I am not crafty or creative or much of anything else, 10 things that make me happy.

In no particular order...
1. Uncontrollable laughter.
2. Spending time with my family...ALL of them...preferrably at the beach.
3. Haircuts.
4. Time with friends.
5. Date night.
6. The look in my daughter's eyes when I pick her up in the afternoon.
7. Random gifts.
8. Time with God.
9. Summer vacation (any vacation, really)
10. Sleep.

Ok...I think I am supposed to pass this on. I am not sure of the rules because Kari broke the giving I am going to follow suit. If you follow me, I think you deserve this award...because that means YOU have made me happy!

I gotta go search for a talent...or maybe just sleep.

Can sleeping BE a talent?

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  1. first let me just say that talent and creativity comes in many forms. I read you blog all the time and I find it very full of in site, talent and

    that all being said I think you truly did deserve this award.

  2. Yes, in our family, sleep is definitely our best all-around talent!

  3. Okay, so you don't have to make breaking the rules sound so bad. Geeze! Haha! I like your happy thoughts. Haircuts should have been on mine too. I enjoy them. I'll be enjoying one on Saturday and you better believe I'll post about it :o)

    Somebody I follow uses elements and her photos are awesome!!!

    I'm not too crafty either. I think if I try hard I might be, but who wants to work that hard :o)