Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keepin' It Real

So Caroline has been sick...nothing new there if you read my blog at all. And when she is on her breathing treatments and steriod meds to open up her lung capacity she is one mean cookie. And I mean MEAN! Mean like downright hateful to the core. Yeah, I know what you are thinking...how can someone who looks like this:

change into this:

But she does.

But on the flip side...when she comes off those meds...she turns into the sappiest, sweetest, drippiest, stickiest lovingest kid. She says things like, "You are the mom I always wanted." "You are so beautiful to me, mom." "This is the life I love." "My family is the best family ever made and I am glad I chose you for my family." (haha). She is attempting her withdrawals now and so it has been those comments X 100 today. I look beautiful, I am the best and nicest mom, I am the best cook, I fold laundry better than anyone (seriously...I got this one tonight.). And I tend to like this Caroline better...even if she says "Mom, you are beautiful. But not so beautiful. You need your makeup on your eyes and lips...that is when you are the most beautiful."

Nothing like lifting my spirits and making me feel gorgeous no matter what! But she keeps it real. And that is cool. Even if I am not a princess in her mind because I am too old and my hair is not long enough. Or even if she told me she was worried that I might break the little chair I was sitting in tonight as I painted her nails. Or if she asked me why I don't look like the girls on the workout video (and when I asked her what she was talking about...she said something to the effect of my stomach does NOT look flat like theirs and my arms aren't tiny like theirs).

You know, come to think of it...maybe this is not my favorite version............

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  1. They are just kids and kids sometimes are so cruel!They tell the truth no matter what!I know I've been through all that sometimes!

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  3. I love Caroline in all of her many forms! She is everything that is right about little girls! And she makes me laugh out loud and wish for the eyes she sees the our world through.... :) and you won't break the chair and you don't need makeup to be beautiful (you knew I had to say it)