Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Shout Out!

So, let me just remind you that we (being me and the kids) left for this place:

And we have had tons of fun! The kids have had cousins around them to play with and have had a great time with all them. Sometimes (ok, LOTS of times) it makes me sad to think of how far away we do live from family and especially for the kids...the cousins! This week has been fun, in a bittersweet kinda way!

My sis Leslie, so desperate to see me (start laughing now), even took her kids out of school to come to me! I love her for that! I love her for other reasons too, but I do love that she is here. She leaves on Thursday! But I have had fun...and so have the kids! Leslie is my all natural eating sister who reminds me all the time of how gross high fructose corn syrup is! So the other day, I went to her house to watch the kids for her so she could go for a run and I took powdered donuts to share. :) I know how to win over the kiddos! :)

Just love me Leslie...after all I didn't put the picture of you on here...ya know...talking on your cell the car....while driving.

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  1. Funny, Paige! They are still talking about the donuts. Good their love with sugar! We miss you guys already and look forward to the next visit!

  2. Ahhh, blackmail pics of talking and driving :o)\

    Looks so fun! Glad you got to be with your family!