Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Chatty Quitter

So, a while back, I told you about a new exercise video/program I bought and how it was super tough and kicked my tail. It is called The Wave by the makers of The Firm. They are hard core. You have to be a Master Instructor in order to be a teacher on the video. I could do these workouts everyday for the rest of my life and never be worthy of being called Master Instructor. But I digress.

Yesterday, Will went home with a friend and so it was just me and Caroline hanging out after school. I had a few errands to run and decided I was going to workout before I had to go pick up Will. So, we got home, I changed clothes, and I was off to the basement. Caroline, my sidekick, was faithfully trudging behind me. She took her position on top of one of the other pieces of equipment I have purchased from the Firm in the past (think a tall stepper) and proceeded to say things to me like, "That doesn't look like what they are doing." "You aren't doing that right." "Are you sure you are listening?" After enough dirty looks from me to her, she hushed, jumped down and began "cooking" dinner in her play kitchen. I sweated, sucked in deep breaths of air trying not to hyperventilate, and sometimes stumbled my way through the exercises. I hit one exercise though, where I could not do all 470 reps and I stopped 4 short of the end. RIGHT before I stopped, sweet Master Torturer Instructor Alli said, "Just four more, don't give up." (say that in a slightly high-pitched voice with no hint of being tired at all even though you just talked your way through a kick-butt workout video). I stood there watching her finish the last four (trying not to pass out) and gearing up for whatever comes next when I hear this coming from little girl who is not even looking in my direction--in fact she has her back to me.

"She said not to give up, mom, and you gived up."

Thank you precious daughter for pointing that out to me. So I finished the video not missing another step, as I would never want to lead my children astray.

OK, so the workout was done and I had to go pick up Will. I tried to convince Caroline to stay home with Mark, but I just couldn't make her believe it would be more fun. Then I tried to convince Mark to go get Will and I would stay home for some quiet time and Caroline said she would stay with me....SO---I left to go get Will with Caroline in tow.

On the way home, Caroline was telling Will about the preschool story time at church that we went to on Monday and how it was all about Jonah and the whale. Lots of sidebar discussions were had when all of a sudden Will asks me, "How did Jonah hear God? Because I don't hear God tell me anything." I take a deep breath and begin to try to tell Will how you "hear" God when you can't actually HEAR God. With every sentence I felt I was speaking above his seven year old ability to comprehend and so I kept trying to give examples. I will admit, my answer was kinda long, but I felt it was completely thorough considering the topic and the listening audience. When I had completed my sermon I heard this (again, from that precious daughter of mine):

"Whew, mom that was long question (meaning answer)--does your mouth hurt?"

Actually, no princess, it doesn't--because I have a lot of practice at those kind of responses.

I went to bed emotionally drained though...a chatty quitter, I am sure, was never anything I dreamed about becoming when I was a little girl. I just hope I can live up to the standard! :)

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  1. Your little girl sounds a lot like mine:-)Don't they just crack you up with what they have to say?? And I am pretty sure I would have stopped sooner to "watch" the rest of the exercises. I am following you now.

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  3. chatty, yes. quitter, no. :)

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  6. SO funny!! Sounds like you have someone watching every little move you make (or don't make!) :)

  7. Hello there!

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