Tuesday, March 23, 2010

McLinky---Answered Prayer

I had originally planned to share a very funny story about how big my God was when I was on a mission trip in Jamaica during my high school days! And I may still share it with you later but I wanted to brag on one of my sisters first.

Now, shhhhhhhh! Don't tell her. She is a very private person. And she never tries to draw attention in her direction....ever! As a matter of fact, she does almost everything she can to cast attention onto someone else other than her or her family. I don't know why....she has a lot of good to share with others, but she likes to keep it close. And I respect that.

Except today!

See, my sister accomplished something on Sunday that she did not think she could. She was worried about when I saw her in February....worried she would not be able to do what she had committed to doing months ago. That is so not like my sister and so I was not worried about her meeting this goal...

And I was right! She did it!

She ran her very first half-marathon!

She ran with friends who had never done this before, one of whom has recently battled stage 2 cancer and survived!

I could not be prouder. I am a NON runner, so half marathons just blow me away. I can run about a half block and then I am winded and my mind starts saying, "Stop...this is hurting...you stink at running anyway." And so I listen and stop. But my sis....she did not stop! Below is her email after the race was over (she asked her family to pray her through the race, which we did... and God showed up!)

Okay, here is the recap....I FINISHED! AND I DIDN'T WALK!! Those were my two goals, so despite my children's disappointment that I came in 6th (ha - maybe 600th...), I am glad to report that it was a successful morning!

And I can't thank you enough for the messages and prayers....God is sooooo evident on this run. I started my day at 4:30am with a handful
of jellybeans (the kind with the energy stuff in them) and a banana.
At 5:30, I slugged a few sips of coffee... Around 5:50, it hit me...gotta go....so we went over to the
port-a-potty's and IN THE DARK (using cell phones for light) relieved
ourselves. Instantly better and so miraculously, no nerves! Thank you Lord!

Right before we were to line up, one of the ladies with us needed to potty again, so we headed back to port-a-potty's (in the light this
time) and used them again. This put us in the back of the pack starting. At that point, I realized I left my jelly beans in the car! oh the sadness! and the hunger! I didn't think I'd last until 9am without some sort of food. And Gu (which was offered on the run) only hurts my tummy. So, with a little sadness and a prayer
(literally) we began our run. Lots of nervous chatter and laughs at the beginning. A friend met us at mile 3 and ran a couple of miles with us. And then we saw them....manna from heaven....JELLYBEANS DROPPED ON THE TRAIL! It was an unopened pack of my favorite flavor!! Thank you Lord!!

We cried at some point around mile 11 recounting S's(
one of my sister's friends who was running with her) illness and the fact that just two years ago she was bald and couldn't walk to the potty herself. Amazing. Again, Thank you Lord!

And then we finished...rather uneventful as we had spent the entire run celebrating!

So thank you all....truly truly truly...thank you!

I love you -
Paige's sister

I love you, sis! And I love how you knew that if we would pray, God would show up! You inspire me daily!

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  1. Okay, you made me cry. I love you too.