Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. This week MckMama is in Kenya with Compassion and I encourage you to head to her blog to read what she and her team have been doing there. I have no idea if there will be a Not Me Monday up on her blog, but her account of her time in Kenya is very moving.

I did not spend many days last week on the road carting my children all around town for baseball, basketball or t-ball practice. I did not lack the time to cook wonderful meals for my family. We most certainly did not live on sandwiches, chips and Gatorade and the one meal I DID cook was most DEFINITELY not gourmet tacos!!!! I totally plan better than that.

I did not redeem myself at the state basketball tournament after my most horrid behavior last week and my subsequent tongue lashing from my mom. I did not sit in the stands and watch and encourage our boys. I did not keep my comments about the referee to myself (OK...maybe once I said something...but really I just asked this question(in a slightly louder voice than normal conversation tones): "How can you call the child for traveling when he is dribbling the ball still?") I did not (really I didn't) tell him he was horrible...I would not have made my mom proud if she had been with me!

I did not let Mark take Caroline to her first t-ball practice on Friday while I was at a basketball game. I do not, therefore, have any pictures of said practice. My husband did not say to me that it never crossed his mind to take a picture of her very first practice. I did not laugh and say that it does not surprise me!

I do not have a field trip planned tomorrow. It is not one that has been rescheduled three times already because of rain. It is not supposed to rain tomorrow. :(

I did not stay up way too late last night and watch the Oscars. I would never do that knowing I have to work today...that would be irresponsible. And my mom did not raise an irresponsible child.

What about you? What have you NOT been doing?

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