Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishful Wednesday--The Olympics

Wishful Wednesday is a fun way to think about the things in our life that maybe we think could be different...hop over to Kelsey's blog to see how this all got started!

This week's topic is:

'I wish' .... I could have gone to the 2010 Winter Olympics to see one event, and it would have been ______!

To see Joannie Rochette, Canadian figure skater, skate all of her programs and receive her bronze medal.

For those of you who do not know, her mother died just 3 days prior to her first night of Olympic competition. She skated on and was amazing. She had such poise and determination and she held herself together so well. I could not have done it, I don't think. But I would have wanted to be there to see it happen. She totally would have had my standing ovation and my tears and my admiration.

And to be honest...she had them anyway...even in the comfort of my own home! :)

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  1. That was so incredibly sad!! Such courage!!

    Have a great day!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. That's what I was going to pick! Great choice! I cried when I saw her story.

  3. good choice. I think I would have chosen speed skating...also an indoor event, which I know was part of your consideration!!

  4. This was such a touching story.! She did incredible.! So happy she got a medal.!

  5. such an incredible story! I was in tears both time she skated!

  6. I too would have given anything to watch her performance!

  7. Me too! My heart ached for her...

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    I hope you will come check my blog out as well!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Amazing...

    Happy Friday Follow!

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