Thursday, April 15, 2010

And It's One, Two, Three Strikes Your Out....

at the ole ballgame.

It was Caroline's first tee-ball game. She was so excited.

She got to the field; found the field where her team was; and promptly went out to start warming up...WITH THE WRONG TEAM!!!

She knew the coach of the other team and decided she liked her better. So she went to her team and started warming up.

With warm ups over, it was time for pre-game pep talks. Caroline chose the other team again to listen can't see her...but that is her blond pony tail right beside the lady in the pink shirt. And that is not her team!!! :) She put her hand in the middle of the huddle and yelled "Go Grizzlies!" (she is on the Bruins)...and then went to her team.

She held her position well...even when the ball went right by her...she kept her eye on it and just watched it go right by. She was not all about the whole "lets have the whole team run after every ball" thing. She held her ground...well.
Then it was her team's turn to bat...she was so excited...with her pink bat. Halfway through the pitches that she missed, her coach stopped to fix her hair so she get bat better. One of my friends said to me, "Go figure it would be your kid that has to have her hair fixed in order to play ball!" In her defense and mine, she is one of only 2 girls on the team.

She ended up having to hit off the tee...and this is her first base stance! :)
And this is crossing homeplate...she is clearly in it for the posing opportunities she may encounter.

She had a great time...but it was the LONGEST two innings of my life!

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  1. LOVE this post!! Love the first base stance and the photo op finish! She is all girl and all yours!! :)