Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just in case you didn't believe me...

I took pictures of where I was tonight...

That cute guy in the red shirt is the one whose swing is ALL messed up. He went one for two tonight in a close game that they won full of much controversy, questionable calls and attitudes flying! Maybe Will could run faster if his pants actually fit him....

Caroline complained about having to wear what she had on tonight to the game. She said she did not like "these hangy things" on her shirt. I looked at her to see what she was talking about..."those are called sleeves, baby and you can't take them off of your shirt." She was so bummed. And, speaking of Caroline....

I lost Caroline tonight...only for a brief time...right about the time panic began to set in and my legs had started to turn to jello, she came out from around the back of the batting cages...I am going to have to really keep my eye on her when she is a teenager(provided I can keep up with her until then)!!!! :)

In honor of my 11th straight day at the ballpark, I rewrote some of the words to Take Me Out to the Ball Game.


Take me home from the ballpark, take me home from the crowd.
Buy me a pedicure for my feet, I am so tired of bleachers for seats.
But its root, root, root for the red team, 7 year old baseball's intense
cuz it's game, practice, game with all trying to hit one to the fence!

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  1. love the new song! and you do deserve a pedicure...but you better take Caroline or you'll hear about it later. xoxo