Monday, April 5, 2010

MckLinky Blog Hop--Favorite Pictures!

So the rule today was favorite pictures...These are some of my most recent favs!

This is Caroline at her t-ball pictures...she was so stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!

Caroline picked out these shoes to wear a month ago with her Easter dress. She asked everyday for that month if it was Easter on Saturday she told me she needed to wear them around the house to make sure they made her feet feel good! :)

My cute kids on Easter--Will was a good sport in his pink shirt. He said, "Hey, it's Easter!" :)

Caroline after eating a whole row of Peeps! She came in and said, "Look mom! I look like Pinkalicious!"

Ahhhhhhh......the sun! I so enjoyed the sun today and I am truly investigating the SAD disease that I thought was such a joke before this very gray and very gloomy winter! The sun is so my friend right now!

So we busted out our "pool" in the driveway and the kids had a blast today...playing shark and mario with a twist of princess protection program...they were really cute and the best thing? It wore them out!!!!!
Caroline quickly posed for her picture when I brought out the camera! :)

She grabbed my glasses because the sun was so bright...she immediately pulled them down and gave me that look!
She grabbed her cup and wanted me to take another picture of her!

This picture cracks me up...she looks a lot older than she is (to me anyway) and I am flashing forward to summers between her college years and feeling rather frightened!

LOVE these of Will, Caroline and both of them, so precious!!!!!!!!

How about you? Got any new favorite pictures to share?

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MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. Too cute! They remind me of my older brother and I when we were their age!

    Happy Blog-Hoppin'!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Your photos are great too!!! I LOVE the ones of them in the pool!!!

  3. Love these pictures!! So grown up! I miss them!

  4. You have lovely children! I'm sorry I never got over to visit you after you followed my blog! I'll try and do better!

  5. fun pix.

    i have so many favorite pix this would be a fun way to post them.

    btw- visit my blog and enter the give away!

  6. Paige , congratulations you have a lovely family.Can you imagine the "pinkalicious" at 15 ...well delicious girl. Congratulations again for both kids. Julia C. for Argentina