Friday, April 9, 2010

No Worse for The Wear (and time in the car)

We traveled seven hours and seven minutes to reach the destination that I said I was not coming to this Spring Break because I was tired of driving and needed to rest. I knew I should have come last Friday...

But none-the-less...we made it mom and dad's and my kids began yelling "Take us to the beach!"

So we went...and the kids had a blast...and I FROZE TO DEATH. It was 79 degrees outside...with a windchill of about, oh, let's say, 35!!!!

And my kids got into the water. And loved it. My teeth chattered...they squealed with delight...I shivered...they laughed.

And here is proof--of them anyway!!

Caroline looks pink in the picture below but she is not assured.
Cold or gotta admit: that is quite a view!

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  1. I do love the beach...and yes, you should have come last week...

  2. I'm laughing because you sound like me. I would have been frozen too while my hubby and kids enjoyed every minute! Go figure.

    Beautiful view!