Thursday, April 8, 2010

We Went to the Zoo

We went to the zoo today with some great friends. It was just what we I needed. It got my mind of the sadness of yesterday. It gave us all a chance to laugh and have some fun...some much needed fun. I got home late and have run around trying to get us ready to leave in the morning. We are having to go without Mark, which makes us sad...but we won't be gone long. My great plan of not going anywhere during Spring Break has backfired on me terribly!

Now on with the pictures!

Will and Caroline and one of Will's friends...we had not even seen the first animal and they were so excited. I realized quickly that Caroline had never been to a zoo before! Mom of the Year here!

So camera ready! :)

Will and his friend were totally into the map. They were plotting our course. They were very serious.

Me and my two vicious, bickering, constantly fighting kids.

Too cute...over what? I have no idea.

That is Will's friend holding his nose. He could not stand the smell of the petting zoo! LOL

These goats did not like each other--at all!!!!!!

This old guy sat in between two windows and looked back and forth at the kids staring at him and scratching his head. Hilarious!

Caroline was "hiding" in a tree. Her glowing green gum gave her away!

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  1. Could Caroline be any cuter? She's like a little model!

    Glad you had a day to smile and have fun - even with bickering kids :o)

    I hope many smiles return to you soon!