Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Time!!!

Today is Tuesday.

Usually that is nothing special.

But today it is someone's birthday around here....and we are going to celebrate! Because I am all about celebrating a birthday complete with cake and ice cream and presents and such!

It is not MY birthday...it is not the kids' birthdays!

It is Mark's birthday. He does not like birthdays anymore. He says he is too old to celebrate. He does not want to draw attention to the fact that his hair is thinning (love you, babe) and he feels over the hill. He is NOT over the hill, but one thing I think you should know about Mark is that he tends to take the more pessimistic viewpoint on life. But not just your typical, "glass is half empty" kinda guy...he is more the "glass is half empty and leaking from the bottom" kind of guy! :) So birthdays are not a time that he finds the joy in getting older. That is what we, his family, are here for! He made me laugh back in September when I made a video for my dad's birthday and for my brother's birthday (my brother's video was just so I could show that picture of him with a medical glove on his head that he blew up with his nose) when he said, "You have never made a video for ME!" I smiled, knowing I would most definitely make him one for today!

We love him and are so thankful for him. He is a hard worker and he works even harder to make his kids laugh and squeal with delight as he plays with them.

He is a great husband and father and we are so glad that #* years ago today he came into this world so he could light up our lives every day.

I am so glad that I can call him mine!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!! :) Have a great one!

    Paige, that was so sweet! I died over the 'glass half full and leaking from the bottom.' ;)

  2. What a sweet post for your hubby! I liked the photo slide show. My hubby loves snow too! I liked the 'teaching Caroline to speed' haha! Looks like you have a wonderful hubby and father for your kids :o)