Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Day....enough said!


I only have 4.5 more work days (with kids) and I am not sure I have enough time to get everything done. Stress does not begin to describe the past weeks--and yet I am sad to let this class go. They have been a very good group of kids. They are funny, smart and very easy to be around. I will miss this group of kids.

Before I can miss them, though, we had to get through field day. Field Day = exhaustion! And we didn't even do all of field day. We have to finish it up on Monday, due to rain they expected but it never came (isn't that always the case?)!

Since I think I might could possibly get in trouble for posting pictures of the kids in my class, I will show you some of the great parents I have this year and then some of Will's field day! I am almost asleep right now so if it seems like an incomplete probably is.

This is my sweet friend Leeann who volunteered to get in the dunking booth for us so we
could earn extra points. She is pondering her decision.

She did not think anyone would knock her in...

But she was wrong! And cold. And amazingly talented to not get her hair wet.

This is the mother of a different child showing us her Monkey face! I laughed so hard!

This is the other parent who got in the dunking booth for us. He swept
in and saved the day when the dad who was supposed to do it wimped
out (he canceled last minute). This is the face I got when I asked him
to go into the ice tank!

He was a GREAT sport...taunting the kids, making them mad enough to throw hard
enough to "just miss" and making another parent say, "He is like a clown at the fair."

I finally let a child push the button to knock him in.

Now onto Will's day...

Will was the jousting champ and was not a bit excited about it.

He did a little sidewalk chalk drawing. He looks like he is out there
all alone, but there were about 200 other children with him, they just
couldn't fit in the picture.

My class did not have this part of field day, so I am really not sure
why he is dressed like a dragon.

And then as a cowboy/old man/Amish child.

And now, we have to get ready for a full day of ... bet you can't guess ... BASEBALL! All games are now starting at the same time and the baseball tournament will overlap the Tball party and decisions have to be made.

But I am too tired to make those decisions now.

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