Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary My Love!

I cannot believe that 14 years ago I got married. It does not seem like I am old enough to have been married for 14 years! But, alas, I am!

On May 14, 1996 I married the perfect man for me. God had us chosen for each other a long time before we ever knew the other one existed! He knew what He was doing when He put us together...and He made sure we knew it was Him by the way He brought us into the other one's life!
I was SO excited to marry this man!!!!

And this was the cake we cut! Each layer was a different flavor. Mark was going to smear it on my face and decided at the last minute not to. He hesitated slightly when he went to put the cake in my mouth and this hesitation led a guest at the reception to say, "Surely you didn't miss her mouth, did you, Mark?" Nice!
This is the traditional picture with the parents...My dad joked that day that while the photographer and the guests were all running after me and Mark, the only people chasing him were the bill collectors! :)

Right before it was time to walk down the aisle, my dad turned to me and said, "Are you sure you want to do this? Because if you have a doubt, walk away now." He wasn't saying it because he thought I was making the wrong decision, he was making sure I KNEW it was the right one. I told him I had no doubts! So he kissed me and we headed down the aisle...and the whole time down the aisle, he kept saying, "Smile and take baby steps!"
I think this must have been when Mark said his wedding present to me was that he had finalized our budget. And I was saying, "HA! Good joke!" And he wasn't joking...and I started looking for my dad....Just Kidding. Mark was so glad the ceremony was over and he was probably trying to talk me out of making him dance at the reception(because he asked me a million times that day between the time we were "man and wife" and the time we actually danced)!
We did dance though...and Mark survived with a smile on his face!

I love you, babe! Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Paige!! I didn't know you had a blog.

  2. Holy moly! You kids look so young!!!! Like babies, actually! So happy for your 14 years! Love you!

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  4. Happy Anniversary!! Those are wonderful pictures!!

  5. You made a lovely bride and handsome couple. Great pictures and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

    Yikes! Paige, I'm late responding because of these blog hops, alas - but glad I didn't miss it!


  6. A truly perfect couple! What a perfect princess of a bride you were. I love that you were so demure in your dress.

    Thank you so much for linking to the party.

  7. Beautiful wedding! Great looking couple!


  8. What a sweet post! Congratulations on your anniversary. Wishing you many more years together. ~ Sarah

  9. Happy Anniversary - you are a lovely couple.