Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laundry was my calling

When I got ready for bed last night, I began to panic thinking that I did not have bags packed and ready for school today.

Then it hit me, that it was only Saturday night and that, as far as I knew, Sunday School did not assign homework and so we were in no need of bags and backpacks.

But then I thought, this was a very long day! It felt like it took forever to get to the end of it. Why is that?

Caroline had a TBall game at 9am yesterday. She was quite a cutie out there...ran after the ball, caught a few grounders hit to her (posed with ball after she caught it just to make sure everyone saw her with it) and needed Gatorade every five minutes.

(I have just realized that most of the pictures I have posted lately--if not all of them--have been baseball/tball pictures...)

Will had practice later on in the day and then it was back home...and...

Back to my pondering of my day...I started thinking about what I had done/not done that day. I wanted to take my kids somewhere and do something fun but the weather was threatening rain and there was flash flooding all around us, so I chickened out. I did do all my laundry. What an accomplishment.

Then I read my new devotional book. See, before I picked it up, I was feeling a bit, uhmmm, deflated. Like somehow my life should be something different...and then I read: "You are on the path of My choosing. There is no randomness about your life. Here and Now comprise the coordinates of your daily life." Someone told me the other day that I would love Jesus Calling--this person had it too and said it almost always spoke to them about what they had just faced or were going to face that far-just a few days into it--I believe they were right!

So maybe laundry was exactly what I was supposed to do yesterday...

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  1. I did that too yesterday. Walked around all day thinking that it was Sunday.

    Love the tball picture! She looks so cute!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. There are weeks where I truly, completely lose a day somewhere.

    Cute t-ball pics! :)

    There is laundry waiting on me today for sure. Blah!

  3. It is a fantastic devotional! and I love the pictures! Caroline cracks me up!