Monday, May 3, 2010

MckLinky Blog Hop--Nicknames!

Nicknames are everywhere around my family. There are nicknames people have had for me that I will NOT share with anyone.

But some are worth sharing.

Before I get started, I should probably tell you that I married a man who thrives on nicknames.
His roommate from college had to have lots of patience with him since Mark never called him by his given name. He was Billy Bob. He was Guillermo. He was Billy the Kid. He was Jipilito Beschmirtnick. (I asked---he has no idea where or why)

He started with me early on...I was Paige. Then Paigey. (which is not uncommon for those who know me). Then G. Then Geometer (like Gee-Ahh-meter). Somehow and for some reason he started calling me Hugh. Then Hughie. Then Hef (like Hugh Hefner). Then Heffer (that lasted only one time).

But here are some for some of the people that I love:
Caroline: Caroline Pena Guadelupe; Cay-yine;

Will: Willie Moe-Pena Guadelupe; Willie-Moe;CC Sabathia; Pena; T-Bone Pickens; Robert Doodle
This is my brother Bobby. He was the baby of the family and has 3 older sisters. It is amazing he grew up to be as normal as he did. We called him Junior sometimes...just to get on my mom's nerves. We wanted him to be Robby but that was a no-go with mom too. My dad's roommate from college used to call him Nicky-Bob. The funniest one is when someone was talking to my son about bullies and he said, "I have one of those in my family. His name is Uncle Bobby." :)
This is my sister Leigh Ann. I have always called her Lonnie and I have no idea why I do this. It makes other people stare at me like I have six eyes when I say it because I am the only one who does-- but she always answers me. As long she responds to me, I will continue to use that name for her. Mark has not been so kind to her. One time, when she was very pregnant, Mark (not known for his sensitivity) called her The Round Mound of Rebound. She was NOT happy with him for a very long time.
And this is my sister Anonymous. That is all I can tell you because she likes to remain just that: anonymous!

I can't wait to see what your nicknames are...maybe I will get some I can use for Mark. :)

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  1. okay that made me laugh out loud! where does Mark come up with these? I need a lesson this summer....I'll take all suggestions for my kids! (especially since "Peanut" and Caroline "it could kill her!" don't mix!!)

  2. Wow! Now that's a talent. Here from the nick name blog hop and am
    your latest follower. Hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too? Thanks!