Saturday, June 26, 2010

Funny Things from Four Year Olds

I may have mentioned that I am watching my sister's kids for the weekend?  She has a 13 year old, 11 year old and 4 year old.  Her 13 yo and 11 yo totally blew me off last night to go to my brother's house for some male bonding.  So that left me with two four year old...girls!  I was blessed though-I had taken them to the water park so they were EX--HAUS--TED!  They fell asleep early but not before much fighting over baby dolls and Fisher Price Little People.  :)  :(

This morning, Caroline woke up first and came to find me.  I was in Dad's office which has a view of the very torn up, very bad looking golf course where there are bulldozers and tractors and digger things out there...she looked horrified and came out with:  

"They worked on the golf course already tomorrow today, and now today today and I guess they will probably be doing it the day after tomorrow today."

Uhmmm....yes, honey, I believe they might (if I understand you correctly).

My niece Jenny came down the hall pushing a baby stroller and singing a lullaby.  I glanced at her as she strolled by and I asked her if she was taking her baby for a walk.  She said (as she was shaking her head):

"Well, Caroline is in a meeting righting now and I am just babysitting.  Her baby is SO fussy!" 

The joys of being four.  I just hope the peace and kindness continue and the fighting does not return!!!!

Happy Saturday Yall!

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