Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Night/Bad Night

It depends on who you are at my house as to whether you had a good night or a bad night. Mark told Will they could stay up late to watch Game 7. I told them they could only stay up together to watch it if they did not fight.

Mark is a Lakers fan.

Will is a Celtics fan.

Because it got so late and Will Mark was tired, they made a bed on the floor in family room and hunkered down. Will was all pumped in the first pictures because the good guys were winning. In the bottom right picture...he is all tucked in and making no "We're # 1!" signs because the bad guys had come back and taken the lead and it seemed inevitable they would repeat!

I was not out there watching because I didn't really need to...I could tell who was winning based on who was talking trash to whom in the family room. That, and Sweet Home Alabama was on HBO and who doesn't love a little, "You have a a bar."???

Will is still sleeping right now...

Sure hope USA's soccer game goes better for us than the Celtics game last night...though currently we are losing. Maybe I will wake Will up and make him cheer for Slovenia!

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  1. Ohmygoodness, that is so funny (and cute)! Our boys do the same thing in the living room with Daddy, but they usually watch a movie since they're not really into sports yet. Bubba doesn't have an athletic bone in his body. I think Lil' Bub will be Daddy's sports buddy. :)