Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am losing it!

I have been at my sister's house in North Carolina since Sunday. I am such a wonderful mom, I drove there to take my son to baseball camp. He had the time of his life. And I so enjoyed time with my sister. The only bummer thing was I got there and realized I had forgot my computer cord. My sweet husband was kind enough to mail it to me at my mom and dad's house. I had to leave one sister's house to come to my parents so I can take care of another sister's children while she goes on a trip with my parents (which I am more than happy to do...that sounded kinda rude when I read back over it and I did not want you to think I minded doing that--because I do not).

I got to my mom and dad's house today in South Carolina. I unloaded the car. I changed into my bathing suit (they DO live at the beach after all) and my dad and I took Caroline to the pool (it was late and I did not want to do sand today...not even sure why I mentioned they live at the beach but let's just move on). We got home and I was putting Caroline in the tub and thought...Oh...I need to plug in my computer to charge it up.

Uhmm....yeah....where would that computer be? Not in the car....not in the house....called my sister....yep...there it is. At her house. In NORTH NOT helpful to me. I don't just need my computer to type my blog (obvious since I am doing that now)...but I needed to turn something in to my boss...and wouldn't you know it---can't do that now!

GRRRRR!!! It must be something in the air at my sister's house. Because she was clearly losing her mind while I was there. She told me the same stories over and over and even introduced me to a nice lady this morning whom I had already met WHEN WE WENT TO HER HOUSE FOR DINNER ON TUESDAY!!! So, now I have my computer cord but no computer to plug it into. And I have to wait til she gets her on Tuesday. Double GRRRRR!!!!!

Oh well....I know there are worse things that could happen to me---I just hate to be so forgetful!!!

Who knows if I will even remember to update this blog--at the rate I am going---I may not know my name by morning.

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  1. Um, who are you?!

  2. haha! I had to go look at the day of your post... so surprised it wasn't written on a Monday. Sounds like a Monday to me! ;o)

  3. I think this is something that happens when we become moms. I have become sooo forgetful since having my son. I found your blog through NFF, and you have a new follower! Your family is beautiful and you are a nice mom for taking him to baseball camp. I am sure it was so nice to see your sister. I have always wanted to visit North Carolina!

  4. HA! The computer thing is SO something I would do. Sounds like y'all are baving a great time! :)

  5. SO SOrry!
    That is awful and frustrating!
    visiting from new friend Friday.
    Following your blog and would love for you to say hi and do the same!
    Xo Frenchy