Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lake Winnie!!!

So Mark informed me the other day that he wanted to start "living life"! This made me chuckle, no, maybe laugh completely out loud. I looked at him and said, "Now that you are 38, you want to start living life?" He smiled and just nodded his head.

We began to contemplate what we could do this weekend and we decided on Lake Winnipesaukee (Lake Winnie). It is a small amusement park about 25 miles from our town that is perfect for the age of our kids right now. There are some things that Caroline can't do yet...but most of the rides both kids could do if they wanted. (I realize that this may not be living life for most of yall...but we are low key around here so getting out and doing all day activities that are not sports related are huge!)

The problem with amusement parks and our family? Mark is deathly afraid of heights and I hate spinny rides (as in rides like the Tea Cups at Disney--and yes, mom, I know that is not a word). We thought we could tag team it but the VERY first ride was spinny and Mark had a brain freeze (or melt, since it was 99 degrees) and he told both kids we would all ride it together. I almost died. The attendant heard me tell Mark I was going to puke if he really made me ride this ride. When the attendant gave us our instructions he said, "Please keep your head and hands and feet inside the ride at all times. And, ma'am, we would all appreciate it if you would not puke. Any puking will result in your cleaning it up." Then he gave me a huge teenager smile...and off we FLEW--around and around in circles, up and down, spinning, spinning!!!!! It was awful...but I am happy to say I did not puke. Although I think if I had I would have felt better if I had!

We stayed all day and wore ourselves out. But halfway through our day at the park we convinced some friends to join us and their kids helped a ton with the riding of rides. Then they took us to this AWESOME BBQ place that we had never been to and then we came home and died.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment!

Tomorrow Anonymous and her family come and I am so excited! So are a lot of people in our town since they printed it in our newspaper! :) I would tell you who they are but that would make Anonymous not so anonymous, now wouldn't it? And for the record (this is for Anonymous' husband)...I did not alert the paper!

Happy Sunday to you all....go to church and praise our awesome Father in Heaven. I am still praising Him that my breakfast stayed down yesterday after our first ride at Lake Winnie. But He is worthy of so much more praise than that!

Smiles and Hugs!

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  1. LOVE Lake Winnie!!! We can't wait to go back this year. Great pics!