Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. She is the mother to four and another on the way and she makes me laugh and truly contemplate some pretty deep issues. Head over to her blog to read what she and her husband and precious children have been up to this week.

I did not leave Sunday to take my son to baseball camp 7 hours away and forget my computer charger! I will not have lightening quick posts this week! :)

We did not tell my daughter a fib today when we went to my sister's pool. That lie was not that no floaties were allowed in the pool. (Do not check out the floaties she has been could so not spot her from a rescue chopper 5 miles out in the middle of the ocean. She was not adamant that THESE were the ONLY ones she would wear!)

BUT..... Today she did NOT and I repeat DID NOT learn how to swim thanks to Anonymous (who should really hire herself out as a swim instructor...except she truly puts the parents to work on the whole "practice makes perfect" thing). I was not so proud of her and I was not so excited that those nasty orange floaties can be history!

I am not still smiling from ear to ear.

What have you not been doing?

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  1. My word! I think those floaties would hold me up! HAHA! Those are enormous! Congrats on the swimming... quite a big accomplishment! :) Have fun this week (boo about the computer charger)!

  2. FINALLY!! Now let's work on little monkey...

  3. my 8 yr old needs your swim instructor! she needs to relearn to swim.

    what haven't i not been doing?

    i have not been sleeping in till 8:30, letting my kids fend for themselves in the a.m.. i have not refused to be present just in time for an episode of "i love lucy." and i have not sat on the couch, munching on a bowl of cereal, while "lucy had some splain'n to do."
    and i will not do it again tomorrow. :-)

  4. Hilarious!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Was blog hopping and wanted to say that your family is beautiful and I hope you don't mind another follower ;)