Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

I am on summer vacation. This week has been the first week that I have not HAD to be anywhere early in the morning and I am enjoying it. My kids are not used to getting up and having no where to go so their most famous questions this week have been, "What is for breakfast?" and "Where are we going?"

We don't have a pool. We don't have a membership at any of the public pools in town. But we do have friends with pools. And I am not afraid to ask any of them if we can come over and steal some pool time. So far, this week, it has worked out well.

Yes, I know it is just Tuesday. But so far, Monday and Tuesday have been taken care of. Our only issue yesterday was this monster frog in the bottom of my friends pool. I had a skimmer net to try to catch him but it wasn't going so well...he would swim from one side to the other as soon as the skimmer got close. Finally, I think he saw that maybe he could escape the pool finally (because, even though I know nothing about frogs, he looked completely full of water--like he had been in that pool for LONG time!), so he swam up from the bottom of the pool to the surface and I just skimmed him off the top of the water and tossed him onto the side of the pool.

I took a picture of him before I forced him under the fence and thought I had killed him. He never moved once on the other side of the fence and even rolled belly up at one time until I rolled him back over. Will said, "Mom, I think you have your first frog killing." I was not too sad, cuz he scared me a little. He was HUGE--you know, as far as frogs go.

At some point while we were frolicking in the frog-free pool, Mr. Frog hopped away from his place on the other side of the fence. We have no idea where he went...for all we know, he is the size of a "normal" frog once he released all that water...but Will got out of the pool every 5 minutes to walk around the side of the pool and make sure he had not jumped back in. We have not seen him...

So, here is hoping we have no more frog encounters today while we bum more pool time from a completely different friend!!!!!!


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  1. Oh, fun! Here's to a great summer for you and your kiddies :) Way to go to ask for pool time! What good friends you have!

  2. Love the frog! And I am glad he was not dinner for another mountain creature! And let's be thankful it wasn't a snake! :)

  3. i totally bum pool time from a friend. what do they have a pool for anyway? to share it! :-)

    we had a frog in the house last night. my husband saved me.