Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wishful Wednesday-Closet

Wishful Wednesday is a fun way to think about the things in our life that maybe we think could be different...hop over to Kelsey's blog to see how this all got started!

This week's topic is:
'I wish' .... I had ______ store as my personal closet and could shop from it daily.

Ok...right off the top of my head, THIS pops up!

I absolutely LOVE The Loft and could totally dress everyday from their closet if money were no object.

But I might also need this:

Some Buckle blue jeans!!!! Hey---if it is my personal closet then I should have all my wishes come true, right?

And so on that note...I would also need one of these to match each outfit! Mmmmmm...Coach!

My hands are quivering just thinking about this bad that is where it shall end! :)

Happy Wishful Wednesday to yall!!!!

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  1. Great pick!

    I used to call my page "Lindsey's Paige", since that is my middle name! :) Then I married Mr. Smith and decided I HAD to change it!

  2. I love the LOFT!!!! They have amazing things and they always send me coupons! :)

  3. That's a mighty big wish, having a store for a closet but I like it! Now I'm thinking of all the possiblities if it were only possible because I absolutely love the Loft. Wow.


  4. I like both of those. I lurve purses like you wouldn't believe. Purses. Bags. Ahhhhh....

  5. I haven't spent enough time at ATL - apparently I am missing out!