Sunday, July 18, 2010


We met up with some friends from back home on Friday in Charleston! They were camping (which my kids thought was the COOLEST) and we were not that far away so off we went. Once there, we thought, what could be better, on a day where the temperature was 103 degrees and the humidity was 359%, than to take a boat tour of Charleston? In our minds...NOTHING could be better so we did it. And we roasted! But we saw Ft. Sumter, Patriot's Point, the battleship Yorktown, many dolphins and even were fired upon by a boat scoundrel pirates! The kids were great, considering the heat, and the tour was one I had never done before, so I can definitely check it off my list.

When it was time to leave, Will begged to spend the night and have me come back the next day to pick him up and Caroline wanted to play in the campers some more. BOTH kids want Daddy to buy us a camper...mommy is not sure! :) I did enjoy time with great friends and I appreciate that they let me crash their vacation.

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