Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Day at the Beach/Pool

OK...so I have no pictures of our time at the beach today. Maybe because I was too busy sitting in my chair on the sand watching my kids play in the sand and surf. Or maybe because when I was not sitting in my chair, I was in the water looking for shells with my children. I spent so much time trying to convince my son that half shells/slivers of shells or rocks were not worth keeping that I forgot to take some pictures.

But relax. I did take pictures at the pool.

Mainly because our sweet Caroline learned a new trick today--all on her own.

She learned to do "Handstamps" today!!!! Yeah! Aren't you proud of her? What? You don't know what handstamps are? That would be Handstands!!! Yeah!!!! Aren't you proud of her now? I thought so. She was proud of herself too.

The excitement of handstamps was so contagious that even her brother got on the bandwagon. He got so good at them that grandpa jokingly told him he needed to join "the mermaid brigade--you know a bunch of dancing girls?" Will looked shocked and shook his head vehemently, until something dawned on him and he turned back to grandpa and asked, "Are they pretty?" Oh my. I told him to go back to handstamps.

And before you think, "Or maybe go play with the flowery boogie board...hmmmm...maybe the mermaids are calling", Will was being a great big brother here and bringing his little sister the boogie board she brought to the pool!!!

Nothing beats a day at the beach or the pool....or both!!!!

On the agenda tomorrow? Costco. I know. You are jealous.

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  1. She has the best handstamps around - haha. How cute. I wish i could spend everyday at the pool or beach. I love me water!!!

    have fun at Costco!

  2. I'll give those handstamps a 10.0! Cute! :)