Thursday, July 22, 2010

Plans Change

I started this post the other night...Thursday night to be exact because I was going home on Friday. I was going to say...Thanks mom and dad---we have had a BLAST here for the past 3 weeks. And we are the best parents and grandparents anyone could ask for!

Caroline has become a boogie boarding queen.
And Will has been a very huge beach bum!!!!

And then I was going to end it. But all I had done for this post was add the pictures. And then a nosebleed started. Completely out of the blue. It was my third one in a week. And they aren't just little nosebleeds. They are huge. And this one was fulfilling that expectation. And then it became the overachiever nosebleed. It would not stop at all. Caroline kept asking me if I could die from a nosebleed (she was horrified at the blood) and Will kept telling me to go to the doctor. Seriously, the sink in mom and dad's bathroom looked like we had slaughtered the fattened calf in it.

I was fine until my dad stepped into the room fully clothed, keys in hand and said, "I am ready to go to the hospital whenever you are." See, my dad is a no doctor kinda guy. He doesn't feel like it is always necessary to see the doctor. When we were young and would hurt our ankle playing sports, we come to him and say, "It hurts when I walk on this foot." His response was, "Well, don't walk on it then." :) So I got a little worried when he was ready to head to the emergency room.

Off we went. By the time we saw the doctor it had been bleeding for 2 hours. 2 hours. That is like 80 years in nosebleed years. They couldn't get it to stop with Afrin and because it was coming from the back of the nose they could not cauterize it. So I got a rhino rocket. Don't know what that is? Let me help.

Forgive my description, but it is like a glorified tampon that they shove into your nose and then halfway into your brain and then they PUMP IT FULL OF AIR. Oh my word at the pain. The doctor said it had to stay in for 24 hours. So my plan for leaving was gone. I thought I would get it out Friday night and leave on Saturday. But when I called my friends who are ENT gurus they all said, very emphatically, to not take it out for 72 hours. That is a long time. And I am only 36 hours into this thing. It hurts like I can't even explain.

My sweet dad is driving me home tomorrow and my sweet friend Dusty has me all lined up to see an ENT on Monday morning. Believe me, Monday morning will not happen soon enough!
Say a prayer for me if you think about it this weekend and I will update you again on Monday afternoon.

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  1. Ugh. That sounds absolutely horrific. I am so sorry your vacay ended like that. I am thinking of you and you will be in my prayers. I hope you can get through the weekend without being in too much pain and that Monday comes ASAP!

  2. I am so disappointed that you didn't post the pictures of the actual rocket on your face! They are priceless! Hope your doctor's appt is going well!

  3. i wouldn't want to have a tampon in my nose for 72 hours... or even an hour.