Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday and a Commercial

I am participating for the first time in Lindsey's What I Wore Wednesday. I am not loving these pics but here they are anyway!

Oh, but before I get to that, let me tell you about yesterday. We were invited to participate in a commercial for a local restaurant here. My dad knows the owner and so he wanted our kids to come down with us to be in the commercial. They loved the kids because they wore their shirts from the restaurant and so they go some time in front of the camera!!! Caroline clearly does not have the patience for acting as she was easily frustrated with the takes and retakes! :) Will is a camera ham--shocking since he always seems so shy when I ask him to perform! :)

Here is Will before we got there...he did the "hair flip thing" so his hair would be perfect (and that is dad in the background, all plugged in and charging before his big debut)!

Here is our table of camera hams...Caroline was mad at me so she decided not to look at the camera.
After the acting job ended! They did great!
And now for What I Wore Wednesday:

Tank: Gap
Shirt: Target
Shorts: New York & Company
Shoes: local beach store
Hat: it was my Grandpa's
Tank: Gap
Shirt: The Loft
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: from a friend

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: ????
no head? believe me it is better this way!

Tank: Gap
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Pants: The Loft

(Oh Lord, we went to the water park and I look horrible)
Bathing suit: Belk
Cover up: Gap

(this is my commercial outfit)
Shirt: Steinmart
Skirt: The Loft
Shoes: Birkenstocks my dad bought me when I was pregnant with Will!

Maybe next week I will edit my pictures all the same way so they look the uniform. Sorry about that! :) And I am not sure what I was doing with my stance...gotta work on that too! I hope you have enjoyed it anyway!

Have a great day!!!!

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  1. Your Grandpa's hat is great!

  2. I like the long dress/bathing suit cover-up. And the hats, both hats.


  3. Love those white pants on Sunday!

  4. Congrats on the commercial! (I'm sure the fact that you have such a cute family will only bring in the business!)

  5. Great outfits! I really like your style :)

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  10. I'm so sorry for blowing up your comment section. My computer did something wonky and reposted the same comment 5 times! It's never done that before. Terribly embarassing!

  11. I love all of these. From the hair flip to all your 'what I wore'. How fun to see you. My fave - the one with the blue shorts. I think it's because how you have your left foot! So cute!

  12. Girlie, you are very stylish! I love the cover-up too. Cute! Ummm, let's see... I've been wearing one of my husband's white t-shirts for, oh, about 3 days. Complete w/orange soda stain and a large whole in the armpit. Classy, right? haha! I think it's time for a change... and probably a shower!