Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WIWW-The Nosebleed Gone Way Wrong

Ok, I really wanted to participate in What I Wore Wednesday over on Lindsey's blog. And I did take one picture on Thursday of what I wore...only I can't seem to find it anywhere. I have returned home from the beach but have not been able to unpack nose started bleeding on Thursday, the 22nd and everything spiraled out of control after that.

Remember this picture? I had a nosebleed on my way to Charleston and I took this picture as a joke to send my dad. It was a bit prophetic, if I do say so myself.

So my pictures of what I wore go from cute clothes (haha--that is a joke) to hospital gowns and pajamas. See, that picture above was taken on the 16th...nosebleed number one. Nosebleed number two came on Sunday, the 18th. Then I was ok--Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday. Thursday night, I went to eat with my mom and dad after packing up my car. We had a great salad at McCallister's, got home and started to update my blog on my trip home the next day and my nose started to bleed. Anonymous likes to call it a "Facebook injury" (because she thinks FB is evil) but I was not on FB when it happened. I thought it would be like the other nosebleeds and stop after about 10 minutes.

I was wrong and we headed to the hospital. I got the rhino rocket shoved up my nose ( go here for explanation) and while I was bleeding to death and dying of pain, my dad was snapping pictures. Anonymous, the kind, loving sister, demanded I place photos on my blog because, as she said, "Your blog readers deserve to see this." So here are some pictures of me in the hospital.

My wonderful dad drove me home Sunday and my sweet friend Dusty had me all lined up to see the BEST ENT in town (he is the best in my opinion because, well, he took the rocket out of my nose). He and dad bonded over college basketball and thanks to Dusty, the doc was reminded that I was the patient and needed some of his attention. :) He was GREAT...took out the rocket, cleaned out my nose, cauterized a few places and told me bed rest would be my closest friend for the next few days.

Thanks Dusty for saving my nose! :) You are the bomb!

And so there you have it...what I have been doing/wearing for the past 7 days. I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE!
Don't laugh too hard...I can't yet, it still hurts to smile big. :)

Happy Wednesday---maybe by next week I will be back to WIWW...

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  1. GAH! My nose hurts just thinking about it... *shudder* Did the ENT have any explanation for why it started? Anyhow, glad you're ok. :)

  2. so did they discover what is causing the nose bleeds?

    and you are FUNNY!

    i seriously considered posting a picture of my toilet for wiww (since it is where i have spent most my time). i'ev also considered posting a hospital gown next week for wiww (i'm suppose to have surgery wed) unless boulders start moving.

    i hope you feel better. i pray that God heals you and provides.

  3. Yikes! I hope everything is ok :(

  4. Okay, I've been following the nb thing on fb and now I find out you have A BLOG!!! How did I not know this? I'm so addicted to BLOGS. Ken makes fun of me because every morning when he FINALLY gets up...I'm still catching up on all may blogs. I'm adding you to my "catch up" list. By the way, I'm sure you looked beautiful wearing your hospital gown! Glad things are on the mend AND I hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

  5. Poor girl. My nose hurts just reading this. I hope you're feeling better. Good thing you had some great family and friends to help you out!

  6. In my defense, I wanted to take a picture of you below the eyes and above the neck....I thought a close-up of the rocket would be the best. But I am glad you shared ALL of the pictures! And I am thankful that you are on the mend. I'd love the bedrest....but not the rocket. :(
    Much love,