Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Day!

It was a big day in this household yesterday. Caroline, my sweet baby girl, started Pre-K. I thought I was ready for it...I love how she is growing up into a little girl. But somehow, yesterday, I did not like that she was starting school. Even if it is Pre-K.

Mark took her for her first day and I threatened him within an inch of his life if he did not take pictures and give me an update immediately after he left. He did a great job. She was real quiet when they got there and just sort of stood there, looking around. Her teacher spotted her and went to her and engaged in her some puzzle work. Mark took her picture at her seat and her smile is so fake. :) Nerves. They get me too...but it made me sad for her. Mark told me around lunch that he wanted to go over and check on her. :) (his office is SUPER close to her school). He didn't go. Secretly, I was hoping he would!

When I picked her up she was playing great and had a huge grin on her face. She said she did not like breakfast applesauce but lunch applesauce was great. She said everyone had a bigger blanket than her and that she might need to change that for tomorrow(a larger one is ready for her to take). She liked the playground, and she met a new friend. She is ready to go back today, but she said she did not learn anything. :)

We left from picking her up, ran by the grocery store, went home, cooked and ate dinner and then left to sign Will up for football (insert mean growl here). He got his gear and wanted to wear it home. :) This is his mean face. Aren't you scared?
I am exhausted. Getting up super early and having to WORK is about to kill me.

Hope you are having a great day.

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  1. She is adorable even with her fake smile. Before long, you'll drop her off in her kindergarten class and she'll scream "Bye" across the room as she starts playing with all the stuff. Ask me how I know. No hugs, no tears(a good thing), but a super well, adjusted child that knows you wouldn't leave her anywhere that wasn't soooo safe. Have fun at football! It always stressed me out!

  2. I LOVE the fake smile. She is going to do great in school! And Will does scare me. :)

  3. i worked at the preschool where my kids went, and i cried when i dropped them off!

    i felt i needed to go back and apologize to all those parents i'd said to "just leave." to make the break easier. not so easy when you are the mommy.

    you have a busy schedule!

    my busy schedule starts next week :-( boohoo.
    why can't it ALWAYS be summer vacation??