Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hopeless or Hopeful?

Do you remember this post last week? It is the one about being desperate for God. Desperate=hopeless. Hopeless=inadequate for the purpose.

Am I inadequate for the purpose of my life without God?

You bet.

Am I so inadequate that I cling only to Him?

(I don't really want to answer that one)

My lack of an answer is my answer. I am certainly inadequate--that I will admit. But because of my inadequacies, do I grab a hold of the One who knows everything, everywhere, all the time? No. I am too selfish to do that most days. I have my own agenda. I have my own plan and timeline.

And God has had just about enough of me.

He is yanking out from under me all the magic carpets I have tried to ride in hopes of reaching MY goals. He is showing me how those carpets that may look pretty, that may be able to do amazing things, that may make me laugh or feel good about myself are really an illusion. A mirage. A false sense of peace in the midst of my crumbling world.

They put on a good show though. When my foundation starts to wobble, they woo me onto them and take me away momentarily to what I think is solid ground. In fact it is not. It is just the mountain I have built with my idols. I have stacked them up one on top of another and they have formed a false sense of security and stability.

But God is removing those idols. And as one is pulled from the stack, the whole mountain shakes and teeters and rocks. And if I reach to grab on to the mountain, I see it begin to fall. It is not solid ground. It is sinking sand. And I am tumbling down with it.

It is at this point, this HOPELESS point, that I cry out to God. Should He answer me? No-not if you base it on my actions. Does He answer me? Yes. He answers me for one reason and one reason only. He loves me. He loves me enough to save me from my idols.

He loves you too. I don't know if you are a Christ believer. If you are not, I would love to tell you how you can have hope in a hopeless world. If you are a Christ believer, then I urge you to search your heart for those things that are more important to you than God. Or maybe they aren't MORE important to you, but AS important to you. And then ask God to help you let go of them.

Life on the other side of Idol Mountain is lush and full of life. Are we desperate enough to let that mountain crumble so we can see the Hope of life with Him?

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  1. Great post! Definitely something I need to work on. Just when I think I've smashed my idols-another one creeps in and takes up residence.

  2. Great insight, Paige. Thank you for the reminder. I'm praying for all my idols to be destroyed and all the altars and high places on which they have rested to be pulled down. I needed these words tonight. I'm praying for you.

  3. thanks for this paige.

    i've been grabbing hold of idol mountain for sooo long. as i've mentioned i recently stopped reaching for it. the surprise as been that i'm okay without it. i thought my world would crumble without the validation, worthiness, ministry, status that i received from my church, but it hasn't. i'm okay.
    letting go has been good.

    may all of our idols be destroyed and may he be the only one our eyes are fixed on!